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  1. Blanche

    Boob-band For Riding?

    I have tried searching on here to see if they've been discussed before but can't find anything. I am notoriously bad at finding anything on here though. So my question is has anyone tried one for riding? I'm considering just tucking mine in my waistband so I don't have them slapping up and down...
  2. Blanche

    Unusual Sarcoid Removal-Photos

    I saw this on FB earlier in the week and thought some people may be interested. Apologies if it has already been posted.
  3. Blanche

    Leahurst Need Colts To Castrate Free

    Leahurst are looking for colts to castrate . Free of charge for suitable colts.
  4. Blanche

    English Springer Spaniel Owners

    AHT are looking for ESS to help with research into PRA .
  5. Blanche

    Stolen/N. Yorks Police

    Sorry to add another FB post:o but I don't think this has been on here. This was updated on the Police page a couple of hours ago.
  6. Blanche

    Husky/Akita/Malamute/Northern Inuit

    This was shared with me today. Just putting it on here for people to share.
  7. Blanche

    Kissing Spine- Article

    An article I found on CRC FB page. I hope it is of interest to some.
  8. Blanche

    Enterolith Surgery-Video

    I saw this on FB and I thought some people may find this interesting.
  9. Blanche

    Just When You Think You've seen It All

    Saw this on FB earlier today.
  10. Blanche

    Foaling Animation

    Short video /animation of foaling. Being slightly useless with technology I can't work out how to find the full length version, can anyone point me in the right direction?
  11. Blanche

    Old Horse Books-Free Download

    Have just seen this on the CRC fb page and thought some people on here may be interested . It has many old books on horses, hunting, management.
  12. Blanche

    Greyhound Agility

    Thought some people may enjoy this video .
  13. Blanche

    Alaskan Malamute For Rehoming

    This has just come up on the Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue facebook page and I know a few people on here have an interest or may know someone who does . With huge regret : Alfie the Alaskan Malamute is for rehome from home THROUGH NO FAULT OF HIS OWN. He is 6 years old and a 5th...
  14. Blanche

    Cat Agility

    I thought people who do agility with their dogs might enjoy seeing this .
  15. Blanche

    Eighteen Horses Die In Barn Fire. How awful , RIP horses . :(
  16. Blanche

    Dog Beaten at Lewisham - Info Wanted Not sure if the link will work . It is on the Bruce Forsyth Vets Get Scanning page on Facespace .
  17. Blanche

    Dog Wars

    Just been sent this by my sister on Facespace ( Yes geeks I know!!:rolleyes:). There is a new game out that allows you to train your dog up and enter it in dog fights . I don't know how to add the link but there is a Facebook petition to ban it , perhaps someone could add it for me . If just one...
  18. Blanche

    FAO Karen K

    Thought you might be interested to see this filly (thats if you haven't already!).:D She's halfway down the page ,Exceptional White Girl .
  19. Blanche

    Dog stolen Bridgnorth

    Dog stolen with a Disco last seen heading towards Kidderminster . Please keep eyes peeled all in area .Hope link works , not too good with them .:confused:
  20. Blanche

    Re My Post In 'Memory' Tread

    It has been brought to my attention by a 'helpful' **** that I am a stupid useless cow and shouldn't have dogs . It is because of what I wrote in my post on the memory post when Shortstuff died and I can see how it could be misconstrued if you are an idiot . In my defence of the post I didn't...
  21. Blanche

    Head Desk/Advice

    I don't get on to post much at the mo as so busy but do read posts on my phone. Anyhoo am posting on behalf of a friend( strange I know but I do have some!!:p) My friend was made redundant a few months ago and hasn't found another job as yet so has to sign on . When she went to signing on...
  22. Blanche

    Dog and Cat Rules

    I think this may have been posted before but here it is again !!:D I wish my cats would learn to read then I wouldn't feel in danger on the stairs every flippin' time !:D FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE PETS, THIS IS A TRUE STORY.. FOR THOSE THAT DON'T, IT IS A TRUE STORY. The following...
  23. Blanche

    Super Dog

    Found this on the dally forum . Dally's are so much tougher than wimpy sheps and poncey rotts:p:p . Dead 'ard they are , dead 'ard !! Hope link works now ...
  24. Blanche

    Before You Get A Puppy .

    I found this and thought it was very funny . FUNNY BUT TRUE Please read all If you are planning to get a puppy for yourself or your family (and it must be a family decision), please read on. What follows are some ways to prepare for your squirming, mouthing, piddling, squealing...
  25. Blanche

    Horse Lovers Defined

    I put this in NL over the weekend but have a few PM asking me to put it in here and Breeding as alot of people don't venture into NL . Someone also insinuated that alot of people in CR will recognise themselves ! I couldn't possibly comment !! HORSE LOVERS DEFINED THE BACKYARD RIDER...
  26. Blanche

    Horse Lovers Defined

    I put this in NL over the weekend and have had a few PM saying that as a lot of people don't venture into NL much( I don't usually I have to admit ) to put it in here and comp riders . Has an American slant to it but I'm sure you'll recognise someone !! HORSE LOVERS DEFINED THE BACKYARD...
  27. Blanche

    Horse Lovers Defined

    I found this on an American site I visit . Though it has an american slant I can recognise people I know ! Can you ? HORSE LOVERS DEFINED THE BACKYARD RIDER: Usually found wearing shorts and a sports bra in the summer; flannel nightgown, muck boots, and down jacket in the winter. Drives...
  28. Blanche

    A Forgotten Dog's Christmas

    Found this on the Dally forum . A Forgotten Dog?s Christmas Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. The children were...