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  1. Leo Walker

    My sister has sold a pony she had on loan

    She is an awful person and I have no contact with her, but was contacted by the ponies owners as they hoped I could help. I cant do very much other than offer advice and share the details in the hope the pony becomes too hot to handle. The pony is now with Azza cobs. A bin end dealer. He wont...
  2. Leo Walker


    In amongst all the misery a very kind lady posted me some hatching eggs and last night and this morning I've had 4 little peeps hatch. 3 naked necks and a random silkie who must have snuck in by mistake. I let my broodie hen hatch these rather than the incubator as hatch rates with posted eggs...
  3. Leo Walker

    I have to sell my pony

    Bobbie has to be sold. I'm losing my sight and I cant find any way I can keep a pony when I'm blind. I thought I had more time, but I lose my driving licence in 3 weeks and the prognosis for my vision is beyond poor. I'm suicidal with grief and misery and having a very hard time coming to terms...
  4. Leo Walker

    Talking of snozzes

    My friend sent me this, is she not just the cutest thing ever! I have honestly never known such a lovely natured pony. She loves everyone. The moving of her head away is because shes been clicker trained not to move her face away to ask for treats, so she tries it on everyone just in case they...
  5. Leo Walker

    Flies and obesity

    Following on from my little horses weird behaviour I was doing some further reading and came across this: link Text copied here for anyone who doesnt use facebook They seem to have missed the obvious solution of leave the horse out without a mask and rug if its not distressed but what do...
  6. Leo Walker

    Why is my horse so weird?!

    This is a completely new phenomenon to me. I bought my little mare in autumn last year and she was fat as a pig. I assumed that she was a typical good doer, piggy pony and dieted her and worked her appropriately and now shes a good weight. She still needs to lose a tiny but and muscle up more...
  7. Leo Walker

    Ice Boots

    I'm off work and bored and came across some information on cold boots, the ones you soak in water, the upshot being they arent great. Are ice boots any better? What do people use them for? Mine has no tendon issues etc at present but I am a bit obsessed with cooling her off with cold water...
  8. Leo Walker

    Going away with the pony

    Due to a last minute incredibly kind offer, I'm taking Bobbie away for the weekend. Its a training weekend for scurry and trials. Bobbie is never going to be a scurry pony. The good ones are incredibly fast and usually a bit hot, Bobbie is not! But its local and it will be a really good...
  9. Leo Walker

    Who would have thought it

    but Bobbie likes to jump. In my wisdom I decided to teach her to jump today. Probably not my wisest idea as I struggle with standing long enough to lunge properly, but I've started painting my carriage so cant use it at the minute and thought I'd better exercise her. I didnt think she would...
  10. Leo Walker

    Feed comanies and weigh bridges/scales

    Which ones come out to your yard and weigh your horse? Ive been meaning to organise this for ages, but cant remember which ones do it.
  11. Leo Walker

    I made a haybar today

    it cost me a whopping £6.20 in wood, and there would have been enough to make 2. I used some off cuts of rubber matting that we had lying about so they didnt cost anything. It didnt take long and it was so easy to do that theres no need for anyone to spend £60 on one. Bobbie of course hates it...
  12. Leo Walker

    Bobbie has changed quite a bit!

    I forget how much Bobbie has changed until I come across old photos of her. This is from not long after I bought her, and then from just before she left pony school. I must get some from today as I think shes finally lost the last of the weight she was carrying
  13. Leo Walker

    What colour?

    So I am now the proud owner of a new carriage. It is a hideous colour so will be going for a respray. I am lucky it is that colour as I think that is the only reason I could afford it. This make and model are more than 8k new which is beyond even my wildest fantasies! But this one is older, and...
  14. Leo Walker

    stuff for sale - all sorts riding and driving

    I need my spare room back and currently its full of all of this! Open to offers, happy to post. I just want it gone now! Album with details on here: and here...
  15. Leo Walker

    Pictures Some photos from Sunday

    Only from the dressage bit, none of the cones and obstacles sadly, but as well as Bobbie we had a pair of ponies, a team of 4 ponies and a single so it was a bit manic! We are dressed like scruffs. Normally I have matching pads and clothes etc but I dont have any of that stuff for Bobbie yet as...
  16. Leo Walker

    My amazing little pony got a 9 today!

    There isnt words for how pleased I am with her. I thought I was going to burst into tears in front of everyone! Shes been away 5 weeks and driving for 4 of those. I've driven her 4 times and the last week has been a write off with the snow and ice. And today she loaded up with 5 other ponies and...
  17. Leo Walker

    My pony is all grown up!

    I've just been up to drive again and wow what a difference in a week! She feels so strong and confident. Shes working in a little outline and starting to really bend through her body now. I am thrilled. I spent some time with her today, just brushing and faffing about as I thought she probably...
  18. Leo Walker

    Sparkly browband supplies

    Does anyone know where you can get the diamente chains to make sparkly browbands with? I looked on ebay but can only find the 6mm ones in China. Surely somewhere in the UK must stock them??
  19. Leo Walker

    I've just got back from driving my pony!!

    She is amazing. Shes only been away 3 weeks and has only really been in the carriage and driving for the last couple of weeks. They have been telling me how much they like her and how shes going to be really good, but I wasnt sure if they were just being nice or not until today. The man who is...
  20. Leo Walker

    I dropped Bobbie off at the breakers today

    now what am I going to do with myself?? Shes gone for 3 weeks initially, I'm hoping thats enough time to get her doing some very basic driving as I've done tons and tons of prep work with her, but we shall see. I left her looking tiny, in an enormous stable which would have fitted 3 of her in...
  21. Leo Walker

    Equipment to send when going for breaking

    and yes I know, ask the people shes going to! I have but its Christmas so I'm not expecting them to reply yet and I am trying to work out if I need to wash anything or buy anything etc. So Bobbie is off to be finished off breaking to drive on Friday. It was always the plan, then I decided I was...
  22. Leo Walker


    I took Floyd to a flyball session today and we both loved it! Hes never done anything like it before but he just got it from the start. He was doing a line with 3 jumps by the end and he didnt want to stop. I am so proud of him. He was so well behaved and just a pleasure to have around. He is...
  23. Leo Walker

    Has anyone got a Horsepal?

    One of these: I've got a very, very casual attitude to rugging, but I do love stuff like this and thought it would be interesting to see. Especially as its not particularly expensive. Not sure how long they would last...
  24. Leo Walker

    Eileen Douglas Rugs

    Anyone have one of these? Rug I am thinking of getting one as a spare now the pony is out 24/7. It would be handy to have a spare set of liners for when one is in the wash as well These seem very cheap! The whole thing is less than the cost of the two liners for other makes. No idea what the...
  25. Leo Walker

    How many brakes do trailers have

    I thought 4 but my OH thinks 2. I did google but cant seem to find an answer!
  26. Leo Walker

    Stable name plate

    I'm very sick and bored today so I'm looking for a name plate for Bobbies stable, but not sure what sort. Frankie had an amazing one by Helens Welsh Pony Plaques which I love and is now up on my garden fence, but they seem a bit too comedy for Bobbie. I wondered if anyone had anything unusual...
  27. Leo Walker

    Which yard?

    I never do this as I can usually decide but I cant seem to make a decision this time! Yard 1: My old yard. I loved it there and have been back a couple of times to visit and I miss most of them so, so, so much! 5 liveries in total, 2 that are just awful though and who go out of their way to...
  28. Leo Walker

    Has anyone used a rug like this?

    My little mare is very, very broad across the chest and deep in the body so I was looking for rugs with shoulder darts etc and I came across this. I cant decide if I think its a genius idea or not. I do like the idea of it stretching as they graze and not pulling tight, but equally I'm not sure...
  29. Leo Walker

    Which rug?

    I have a ridiculous amount of rugs. Its an amalgamation from the last few horses which have all been a similar size, but I just dont need all these rugs! They are also not quite the right size for my current pony. So I'm thinking about selling them all and getting some sort of rug and liner...
  30. Leo Walker

    I hogged her!

    I thought sod it in the end and whipped it all off. I love it. She really suits it. Instead of looking top heavy she actually looks more balanced now. Shes till got weight to lose but shes chubby rather than really fat now. She actually seems happier as well. Apparently shes been merrily...