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    Has anyone dealt with this company, good or bad? I have seen some good deals on rugs, in particular the wugs by horseware that fit my mare well, anyone know anything?
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    Heiniger Clipper Blades

    Hi everyone, not sure if this is a silly question but i bought the Heiniger Xplorer clippers, (i have only had the snap on blade clippers before) and they came with two sets of blades, one fine and one standard. When i went to my local merchants to buy a spare set of each to have as back up the...
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    Dressage Freestyle Music

    I was just wondering if anyone knows a way to get a track list of music they use in dressage freestyles, one im particularly interested in is the list for Carl Hesters 2012 Olympic freestyle with Uthopia.
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    Long acting fly sprays

    So as the title says im looking for a long acting fly protection. I work with sheep and cattle and know we use pour on types for them that can last for over a month, does anyone know of some such protection for horses? Has anyone used any of the sheep/cattle ones with any success. I have...
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    Tack salt?

    Ok so went hunting and got plastered in mud and wet, horse quite sweaty but not lathered. Come back washed tack in warm water and let dry naturally in a not heated room. Now when i come to condition it with soft soap, which i always use, parts of the breastplate have a salt on them. This...
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    Bit/tack suggestions wanted

    Ok so i have a 14.2hh Irish cob, built exactly as she probably sounds. I went hunting before christmas for the first time with us, i am pretty sure she had been before as she seemed to know what the horn and things were all about. She was asleep at the meet but once we got going she was pretty...
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    Olympia online

    I cant get the website to work, it opens the royal windsor show, but i want to check the start lists and results does anyone know how to do this?
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    What XC colours to get?

    Hi Its coming up to christmas and my birthday is in the new year and everyone is asking me what i want, i had no idea and then i thought about some competition wear. So i want to know what sort of colours/design would look good for me and my horse. My main eventer hopefully (shes only 4 right...
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    Horse Insurance

    Hi, im interested in which companies offer good policies for horse insurance. I want a good policy suitable for a competition horse. I also don't want one that is going to make it hard to work with if i have a problem. So what are your opinions?