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    Electrolyte recommendations for fussy horse please

    I have fed the NAF ones in the past, which was just like salt so probably wont eat them but the amount was quite small. I got given a tub of topspec ones and it smells like wild berries so smells appetizing to me but the scoop is quite large. I think it might be something you will have to test...
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    Would you buy unseen from Ireland?

    Yes i agree and i think that in Ireland you get it pretty rough as you get tarred with a brush of a few, which is unfair. I also meant to add that now having grown up i now know that this is a generalization and that it is by no means right and the rule. I think there will certainly be ones...
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    Weekend plans!

    We are doing our first ever BE event so fingers crossed. Then teaching sunday and get ready for an intensive camp next Tues/weds.
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    Would you buy unseen from Ireland?

    I know people who yes would believe that maybe not of all horses but definitely the majority. Also to answer the OP's question unseen no unless someone i did trust had seen it. Go over there maybe but i also know a there are quite a few dealers over here who would have freshly backed horses...
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    Would you buy unseen from Ireland?

    But a common one, around us if we ever heard of something coming over that was what was said about them. Usually bombproof but might go wrong from hunting hard as a youngster but likely to be cracking if it stayed sound.
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    Workload for a 19 yr old

    As above most ponies will be happy to keep going. Thing about ponies is you quickly know when they have had enough and IME stop the work or slow it down and they start to show their age very quickly.
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    Jumping Question re SJ V XC

    I don't think that will matter it was just our example. I still think that for anyone with nerves walking a course you have ridden could help you get over nerves next time at that height.
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    Confidence knock over XC- help!

    Sometimes they learn to ignore the aids of a bit, im in the process of changing mine for jumping but the plan is a short change into something to say oi listen and then back into her regular bit. If it is as bad as you say i would also get him checked out that nothing is hurting. Again i can't...
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    Confidence knock over XC- help!

    Agree with the above and also try to get some help from an instructor as they should be able to help you see why he is doing this and if it comes to changing bit, which it may well do and i would not be averse to it if for the right reasons. They will be able to tell you what sort of bit will be...
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    Pros competing with newbies.

    I think for those who have a bigger problem UA it's because even though there are sometimes rules to stop this there is nothing to enforce them and even then they are usually the combo. However it doesn't matter if it's UA or affiliated what annoys me are those who have a horse capable of moving...
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    Jumping Question re SJ V XC

    Im exactly the same and for me the nerves really crept in at 90cm and 100cm but i have hunted a lot and galloping at fences which dont fall down feels like a natural thing and even my horses seem to be wary of the poles. One thing i really hated would be course walks and that would worry me...
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    Bottom (of a cook) Appreciation Thread.

    The ones of them doing acrobatics surely do not count, although no pic yet mine cant do such acrobatics as when she tries her bottom attempts to overtake. The look of relief when everything is on the floor again is priceless.
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    Boots.. do you use them?

    Sorry late to the party, but i had a question for those who hunt and jump out hunting. Do you then put on boots or if not is there a certain level jumping where you won't worry? I hunt and don't boot and we jump quite a lot of big ish timber fences mostly. I would not bother putting on boots...
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    Horse Name Ideas

    I googled the name and its an Italian film. Rico (taken from the directors name) Rubin (main character) Romeo
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    I have a really high strung horse and i need help!

    I would get a vet to check her out if not already, particularly her eyes. If everything is ok, then maybe look at a yard move, but i would also think a box in a place where she sees all going on but not being in the middle of it might help. You could also try a muffling fly hood for riding...
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    What to do when horse fixated on something?

    I have also used treats in the past to bring them back. As long as they haven't stepped back or spun and have just stopped and looked i will let them and then ask to walk on a few times, give them a tap with a stick or prod, if still fixated i use a treat with neck bend to get the attention...
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    Gelding preferred but would consider a mare

    Mares all the way for me, to be honest my advert would probably say mares only. Most i have known have a better sense of self preservation over geldings and when you click with them they will try their best for you and you just have to know their moments and when you can ask a little more or...
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    Fitness not quite as expected

    I would consider the mental side of it and perhaps the closeness of the phases plus the up in height may account for it. I sometimes try schooling a bit and then hack or the other way around. Or i may even school in the middle of my hack and then pop a round of fences when i get home. Each bit...
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    The C word

    I know one who had to be lunged for 15 mins every hour through the night and that's on more than one occasion, knackering but sometimes does the trick. I would maybe push for a referal in this case though.
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    I feel like the problem is we have created a rod off our own backs. Everyone said make the jumps smaller and safer so what happens they go even faster, the horses are more lightweight and bred even more for speed rather than horses 10 or more years ago.
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    In-hand showing,

    Totally pointless but he looks really nice i should think he will be very smart in a few years, how big is he? I saw pics of that stallion and was quite impressed if i was to go out and buy a youngster i wouldn't mind one of his.
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    Is this really how they test hats?

    I agree with this. Aside from dropping the hat where it might land like that. When i have hit my head in a fall it has only ever been the back which is also the only time i feel like i might have had concussion too. If i fall forwards i tuck and roll so damage to my head is very limited.
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    A hello and a WWYD re new loan horse/yards

    If he is fit and healthy i would move him into the new yard if it turns out to be suitable. My old pony is 27 and she moves between two places for summer and winter but always with my care. If i had to move completely i would be happy to move her to a place provided it met her needs although i...
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    Catching a unhandled horse in a large herd and field

    I think the problem people have with answering your question is that there is no answer that is a safe and easy way to do it for you or him. Every way you go is going to be stressed for you both and could lead to people in hospital or him need a vet. If your yard owner is requiring this but...
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    A hello and a WWYD re new loan horse/yards

    How old is your old horse? I would go to the new yard, you can always move to your current one but if it turns out to be nice then i would move your old boy there when you are settled. As he is not changing owner and by then you would be settled with the new horse only his location would change...
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    Pictures Will she ever grow into those ears?

    Embrace the big ears always been told they are the sign of a kind honest horse and for the most part i can agree.
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    I now know Bailey's history..and breeding!!!

    I would think as you have put yourself that the breeding could even be off putting to some more than add value, although nice info to give someone if they desire it.
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    Injured Riders Advice

    I would try again in that case, i don't know your connections. But i'm sure someone would love the chance to ride out a sweet horse, especially if your mum was up for still doing the rest of the jobs. That would mean less time commitment. I would look for someone older as you don't want a...
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    Injured Riders Advice

    Im not sure by your posts if he is backed or not. As you say he is a confidence giver but you hoped to be long reining or lunging. So potentially two things. Unbacked. Could you mum do anything with him to keep his boredom at bay? Perhaps if your instructor gave her some lessons and then did...
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    Flu confirmed in Shropshire--where ?

    I sometimes go hunting but have shut down at home, i am surprised they are carrying on. However the governing bodies are not giving them advise and for the other disciplines most are checking passports when on the car park which is too late and when passports are checked not many are checking it...