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  1. Denbob

    For Fun, Your Kur Music

    I actually have a Spotify playlist devoted to this very question, how sad is that?! I'm a long way off actually trying to get a serious one together but might go and do a walk/trot one this summer for a laugh! All of mine seem to be quite pop-culture themed... I like Lord of The Rings a lot, I...
  2. Denbob

    Itchy horse

    Just in case anyone else is struggling, clipped him out yesterday and he is a much happier boy, checking him this morning he wasn't in my face demanding scratches or pulling faces at his field mate so right decision I think!
  3. Denbob

    No Weekend Thread Yet!?!

    Have just about recovered from the wedding... long-reined over (very) raised poles and out around the yard to get him used to moving away in front as it's been a little while. Extra challenging because they were inflating a bouncy castle next to the arena and running a generator! All stood him...
  4. Denbob

    Do horses really grow much more after 5 years old?

    I'm hoping so! 🙈 I measured my (then) 5yo at Christmas before he went on his holidays, 16.1hh on the nose - he came back and everyone (including me) thought he'd gone up at least an inch, maybe two and out about a foot. Finally measured him last week (just turned 6yo) and he was 16.1hh bang...
  5. Denbob

    No Weekend Thread Yet!?!

    Best of luck to them both! Pictures required after they've flown round :D
  6. Denbob

    No Weekend Thread Yet!?!

    Going to a wedding at the yard Saturday night so assuming most of the weekend will be a write off as there is a free bar and all the liveries are invited.... might do some long-reining over raised poles in the morning so he's done something at least! Next week the work for our first prelim test...
  7. Denbob

    Soppy post

    Had the lovely massage lady out to D last night, he has previously had abysmal posture (likely as a result of guarding past painful spots) but now instead of standing like a ballerina behind and stepping on his own feet he's standing out and square, his quads are much more even and he's much...
  8. Denbob

    Following on from 'dying breed' - are we all competing less?

    Having never been in a position to compete, it was always "The Goal" to be able to go out and win lots of rosettes and show off my lovely horse. Now I've got a (mostly) lovely horse the idea of it is much less appealing. I'd much rather go out to a clinic or a lesson, or even just arena hire to...
  9. Denbob

    Is my horse fat it or is it just her build

    I'm in a similar boat, D is slightly overweight, not enormous but looks much bigger than he is! However I don't have the problem of people not telling me, can we swap 😂
  10. Denbob

    Transport Exeter to Herts - any ideas?

    Have PM'd you :)
  11. Denbob

    Plus size show jacket?

    I fell in love with an Equetech jacket at Badminton, I am a tad top heavy (36GG) and their biscuit tweed was a perfect fit and v. flattering!
  12. Denbob

    Itchy horse

    Anyone else's itchy at the moment? D seems to be struggling a bit, especially mane, tail, nose and back! No change in management in the last two weeks it's been happening, he's unrugged, naturally quite a hot horse (temperature wise) and a smidgen overweight but we're working on it. I'm...
  13. Denbob

    Saddle fit and the young horse

    My 6yo is on the 5th saddle in the 2 years I've had him - all assessed by saddlers. I rely heavily on the advice I get from professionals so it's been interesting to see what different advice I've had from different people! But based on threads on here, guidance from pros, and a bit of common...
  14. Denbob

    Harsh riding by showjumping kids

    We had something similar at an unaffiliated event I was stewarding at, child was only around 6 but riding incredibly aggressively with Dad cheering her on! They'd brought two very tense looking ponies, one of whom was jumping everything, the other was a bit sticky and she got very cross and...
  15. Denbob

    Weekend plans :D

    Thanks DF :) I have been watching a load of videos and reading articles but hadn't seen that one! Every cloud though, he's had a really good stretch and I can now get a lovely lateral step and stepping backwards on the ground - just the forward which is the issue 😂
  16. Denbob

    Weekend plans :D

    I was supposed to be recovering from pony club camp but that was a total non-starter. Barsteward decided loading was not in his repertoire and after 5 hours across two days with both a 3.5 and a trailer we called it quits on a semi-positive because even if we could get him there I was having...
  17. Denbob

    Weekend plans :)

    Respectable test for Mr D this morning - despite riding like a plank he managed a very tidy 62.17% to keep us just out of the placings. Even though it was at home he's been very spooky in one particular corner of the big arena and I wasn't sure how he'd cope with the car and noise of the warm up...
  18. Denbob

    Weekend plans :)

    Busy week for the chunky pony, second ever dressage competition on Sunday (only at our yard, and only an intro but still exciting!) have chosen intro C over intro A so fingers crossed that means a smaller class with a chance of a frilly ;) Then off to baby camp on Tuesday at Pontispool, first...
  19. Denbob

    Oh yeah, this is why i do it!

    Thank you! It really did remind me why we do it! We're still a long way from being back to where we were but it's a big step in the right direction :) Thank you! Fingers crossed it carries on!
  20. Denbob

    Conformation conundrums

    I don't mind submitting D for analysis 🙈 conformation was not a consideration when I bought him, but looking now I know he's pigeon toed and slightly cow-hocked. I'm sure there are other things to pick out and bearing in mind the guides posted above its not a great picture but would be...
  21. Denbob

    Oh yeah, this is why i do it!

    I've posted loads about my very tricky winter with D. Fencing issues meant no turnout, no turnout meant wired pony, wired pony meant trip to A&E after being left on the concrete. I don't blame him, but it shook me up in a big way. 8 weeks holiday, an inch or two taller and at least 4 wider (ah...
  22. Denbob

    Hoof pick monthly subscription service? 😂

    I always find mine about 5 minutes after I arrive at the yard with the one I've just bought to replace it. There's a conspiracy, a conspiracy I tell you! *shakes fist*
  23. Denbob

    New weekend plans!

    Yay Fiona how fab! Yikes Chippers that's quite a jump... Well done BR2 absolutely flying in your picture! JFTD I love your reports, looking good! Having ruled out a cracked rib I did drag myself out hacking this morning, confusing gold star for Denzel after a few beautiful (but decidedly...
  24. Denbob

    New weekend plans!

    Naughty horse flattened me in the field while I was setting up fencing - went to guide him between posts to the right side before the tape went up, he lost his brain and took off and I bounced off his newly erupted shoulders so a quiet afternoon for him and possibly tomorrow as I nurse bruised...
  25. Denbob

    Does confidence come back?

    I'm so sorry to hear about your accident and no wonder you're worried, I've come off recently far less drastically and my confidence has taken a real hit so fair play to you for persevering! For me it's about doing little and often, if I leave it too long between I build up reasons not to ride...
  26. Denbob

    help please on buying a horse

    Agree with spacefaer, someone who can tell you to look with your head not your heart is invaluable. Especially if you're looking at a slightly lower budget you will likely come across horses who will tug on your heartstrings but might be wildly unsuitable - that's not to say you couldn't find a...
  27. Denbob

    Ok folks....the wait is over (hopefully..!!)

    Everything still crossed (and losing feeling!)
  28. Denbob

    Ok... Try this situation!

    Where were you when I was a pony mad child?? What an incredible set up you have! Agree with other posters who say get rid of the 2nd family, it's a shame for the child but it's not okay for them to be affecting your enjoyment of your ponies and the enjoyment of family 1.
  29. Denbob

    Colic surgery.. would you put yours through it?

    I've always said I would defer to vet advice with a pinch of salt, he's 6 and otherwise well but it really would be situation dependent and how early it was caught.
  30. Denbob

    Best anatomical bridle

    If I was offered anything I'd go made-to-measure! I'm another fan of the Horsemanship Saddlery Anatomical Bridles my boy is in the Saturn in full and it fits him really well and doesn't look too flashy or different from a typical bridle which I quite like...