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    Emily King crowdfunding?

    Ha ha ha, had one of those, fab property, albeit in need of modernisation, 1000 plus acres, some jolly decent horses, lorry worth almost as much as my house.... I did attend though but gave a gift of a rose bush!!
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    Emily King crowdfunding?

    I wonder how this is viewed at BE?
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    Kent vet

    I am so sorry for you beloved dog, and have lost faith with vets from our own experiences, our poor puppy was put through so much .... massive bill and totally unnecessary... also buggered a very good bitch from breeding....
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    Kent vet

    Yeah , right,,,,, he sold an equine practice and no doubt has a good pension. I'd probs be jolly happy...
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    chilham castle

    Today was pants weather there.... only one competitor thanked me at the end of 2 days ring stewarding 600 competitors.... I'll not be doing that again! Oh and an steward reported a well known rider for punching a horse in the jaw... under the carpet.... that steward will probably give up.
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    Horses killed on M4

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    Hay replacers for a shitland

    Allen and Page Fast Fibre has been good for ours, not an attractive feed to look out but thoroughly recommend it.
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    Kent vet

    I believe he is, well actually I know it.
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    Waterproof coat suggestions

    My Musto is brilliant - think it is a Whisper jacket. Added plusses convenient and well shaped hood and optional zip in liner so worm many months of the year. Quite expensive but during the times I've owned it, several others including Ariat have failed.
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    Liverpool horse show fire

    The insurers will have a lot of flack to get through, eg the valuable saddles left in a car whilst the owners shopped for matching girths, Sad sign of the times I guess..
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    Liverpool horse show fire

    Just seen on fb that some poor soul lost a Butet and Antares saddle left in the car as they were shopping for girths.... OMG, feel my insurance premium rising.. AS IF!
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    Vegan boyfriend...and hunting....

    Does he believe that bloodhounds kill the trail layer/runner then?
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Just today..... if you don't sell your saddle I'd be grateful of it for my rescues as we cannot afford feed and tack .... ummmm selling a 3 months old Albion dressage saddle. Scamtastic or what..
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    You know what annoys me...

    Folk who leave a pile of dropping in an otherwise immaculate stable...... and ****** off home!
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    pts nastiness.

    I do feel for you, this happened to me earlier this year. Despite the pathetic individuals who found it fun to challenge my decision, supported by an equine vet, I know that I did the right thing for my old friend. Unfortunately I now have the deepest loathing for those who were so nastly...
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    Virus in East Kent?

    I've just been told that a livery yard in Sellinge is not allowing horses in/out because of a virus. Anyone know what it is as my friend was there only a couple of days ago (the hire the school out). Slightly worried!
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    Meet Cards

    From comments here, it almost sounds as if the Antis have won to some extent..... So frustrating.
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    Meet Cards

    ester - exactly!
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    Meet Cards

    This is our problem, Hon Secs can only give a couple o days notice - ****** all useful to those of us with commitments..
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    Meet Cards

    I do understand the very valid reasons but it is just difficult when your are juggling horse/transport/shift work to get a few days in. This, in my experience, will have a limiting effect on the members of the field because only knowing a week ahead makes it impossible to go. Have to say a...
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    Meet Cards

    I am told that the MFHA have issued guidance that meet cards should only be sent to subscribers, In our case this means that supporters club members have to contact the Hon Sec to ask to come out. Puts the lid on it for some of us who have to plan where we go well in advance because of...
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    Spurs Help for a Newbie

    Don't regret posting, the wealth of experience on these forums is quite astounding and I have felt pretty humbled by the kind advice I've been given on here. It is easy to misunderstand situations from posts but take it with a pinch of salt and move on. Would you be wiling to try a different...
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    Puzzled - "wrong horse put down" article?

    This a worry I think, especially to those who rely on third party help with horses at such times. We had the local huntsman come to us, and again he knew the horse so if I had left a 17hh tb in the stable instead of my tank of a horse, he would have been suspicious I think. What is the point...
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    Cleveland Bay Stallion living like a Prince..

    Mine was a little quirky and a tad stubborn...
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    Lister clipper blades... where to buy?

    Ordered from Derby House but now not in stock, other sources out of stock except cheeky wotsits who want almost 80 quid a set. Why?
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    Vets in Kent (near Canterbury)

    Milbourne again..
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    Bloody yard owner

    Can you hobble enough to cook? A freezer supply of pies is often welcome, as special as you can do.... I made steak and ale, chicken and game pies to thank a friend..
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    Kent vet

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    2017 European eventing championships

    Well in the end a fantastic result or Team GBR, but in future ..... please Mr. BBC, no Adam Cromarty commentary again - words which are not in the English Dictionary (?), changing names and wrong sexes of riders and some funny moments: AC: rider has let her reins go to get through the...
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    Europeans cross country thread

    It didn't make good tv, too 'messy' with all the loopy rope tracks. Not enjoyable in my opinion.