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    Diluting pure benzyl benzoate

    I have a 500g pot of aqueous cream I want to add benzyl to, it says on the bottle to do 1 part benzyl 4 parts carrier how many mls do I add please, I can't work it out being a bit dim!
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    Accident overturned car towing a horse trailer Hertfordshire

    I have just heard there has been a nasty accident involving a trailer with horses in, near the A1 in Hertfordshire, I hope everyone involved is ok.
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    Giving Antibiotics in a syringe

    I used to use custard powder with water which the horses like but it's messy, came up with the idea of adding peppermint essence to the powder water mix, omg it's so easy and the horse bloody loved it I don't think I will ever struggle with wormer again, he even calls when he sees me with a mug...
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    Impaction colic

    Ok so Arabi came in shaking last night thought he might have got a bit cold, so put a thicker rug on was eating fine, checked on him a bit later and had not eaten all his hay and just generally didn't look right, no classic colic symptoms to speak of was pooing but not eating as much, so got the...
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    Anyone from Wigan?

    We are driving to Wigan tomorrow and staying over in the town centre, what's the weather like is there much snow?
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    Should I clip?

    One of my Arabs is currently not ridden he was ever so slightly not right in front not every step and only seen on a circle, vet said just let him rest in the field for a few weeks as it was hardly noticable, my farrier said he had a tender spot on his sole so could be a bruised foot no sign of...
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    Can anyone list some horse populated areas in about a 10 mile radius from knutsford please, preferably with decent hacking nearby thank you.
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    Horse with bite lumps over face

    One of my horses is getting bitten really badly on his face in previous years I shampoo the face with an insecticide shampoo and it clears up, but it seems to be getting worse and his been rubbing, I did think maybe harvest mites but can't see any and I have to be really careful what I put on...
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    15hh Coloured Gelding over there>>>>>>

    I really like him and I am not really into coloureds and I am not looking for a horse but he is my ideal height, I think he will make a lovely little horse for someone.
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    Fixed Weymouth or sliding cheek

    How do you decide which to use? Is it the same concept as the snaffle loose ring or eggbutt? He can be a bit chompy and fiddly in a loose ring snaffle with a peanut lozenge but he does go nicely most if the time its mainly when his put under pressure or finds something difficult, but he...
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    Confidence has taken a dive after my accident

    I have now started to ride since breaking my ankle in November I had to have surgery as I needed a plate as it was pretty smashed up, I also had damaged a lot of the soft tissue so have had tendonitis which just dragged on so all this massively slowed the healing down, so I only felt able to...
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    Ariat Ennerdale Country Boots

    Anyone got them how do they compare to the windermere ? and are they true to size I have been told they come up big?
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    Is this a risk

    Okay so broke ankle on 28th November I can walk without crutches in the boot thingy they give you at the hospital, I have been mucking out doing yard stuff luckily my horses just walk to there stables when the gate is opened from the field, I feel quite confident handling them but the boot...
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    Wheelbarrow tyres

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    Freelance Groom Hertfordshire Wanted

    I am looking for someone to help with my horses general mucking out turnout and possibly some riding, I am near St Albans if anyone can help please let me know.
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    So fed up

    I am feeling quite sorry for myself today the broken ankle thing is really getting me down its so frustrating I literally can't do anything as still on 1 leg, I really love this time of year cold sunny days are my favourite for riding, and I would be doing some Christmas shopping resigned myself...
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    Whittaker rugs

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    Had a bit of an accident

    Was riding in the school on Tuesday horse trips goes down and basically crushes my left leg, it did really hurt but I did get up and hobble around until I started to feel faint, so got taken to A& E turns out I have fractured it in 2 places and was displaced so after much gas and air for the...
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    dog missing

    tan and white jack Russell terrier escaped due to a house fire in coopers green lane Hatfield, Hertfordshire this morning, it is on Facebook I just don't have the link at the moment. dog warden at Welwyn is aware there number is 0800 1114484. Thank you
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    What do freelance grooms charge

    I am looking for someone to do my horses but have no idea what the going rate is as I did a friends horses in return for her doing mine for the last few years. It's basically when I go away it's normally only for a few days so it's feed, turnout and skip/muck out then back in the evening to...
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    Horse hair trimmers

    I have been looking at them as one of my horses doesn't like the big clippers on his head anyone got the liveryman classic or the wahl pro series I just can't decide the wahl are a bit cheaper and you can buy replacement blades for both neither can be sharpened, or has anyone got any...
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    One of my horses had choke last night had to call the vet and he basically had 2 blockages at either end which vet said is not that common, he had his teeth done in June they were a bit sharp but nothing serious I get the teeth done every 8 to 9 months so they are never overdue, he did choke...
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    3.5 ton lorries with ramps on drivers side

    I am a bit confused I hired a lorry and the ramp is on drivers side so do I still put the horse on the drivers side as he will have to go on the first bit, I don't think it will cause a problem his happy to go on the end stall but was just wondering.
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    Show boots for the larger leg

    They are not for me but a friend is struggling to find some long show boots she has a size 9 foot and a very wide calf, she doesn't want to spend a fortune as she is only 14 and still growing although she is almost 6 foot now so not sure how much bigger she can get, she has already outgrown 2...
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    I need some opinions

    I don't want to put this on an open forum so if anyone would like to help me with this by pm please let me know Thanks
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    Horse Management Tip Of The Week

    If your horse pulls a shoe off in the field which has resulted in the foot breaking up so badly that a shoe cannot be fitted back on. You leave the horse in the stable on box rest dont muck out at all and leave it to stand in a dirty filthy stable as it will make the feet grow. seriously...
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    Laminitis Caused by Steroid

    One of my horses had steroid put into his hooves about a month ago I have been extremely careful with his management since his on a bare field over night and in during the day with soaked hay and a handful of graze on chaff his not over weight, his out of work at the moment waiting for an mri he...
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    Old Horsebox Parts

    Does anyone know how or where you can get hold of parts for the older lorry I have a Renault master 3.5 ton and I am really struggling to get some parts for it even the main dealer doesn't stock them.
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    Has anyone's horse gone off there food after a respiratory scope? my horse was scoped on Thursday they had to get into the gutteral pouch both sides as he had a snotty nose and they did a tracheal wash and flushed both pouches then injected gelatin antibiotic into the pouches. He seems...
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    Livery Yard in Letchworth

    Its not for me am enquiring for a friend they need somewhere with good turnout a school and hacking, I am not familiar with that bit of Hertfordshire so any recommendations welcome:)