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  1. Starzaan

    Coconut oil....

    Proving my obsession for skincare here (yes I am a skincare nerd) - the molecules held in coconut oil are too big to be absorbed by the skin. Rather than being absorbed it will sit on the surface and block pores. Itโ€™s fantastic to eat, but rubbish as a moisturiser.
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    Bates and Wintec - Old vs New

    Saddlery Brands International. They own and make Wintec and Bates.
  3. Starzaan

    Bates and Wintec - Old vs New

    Try calling SBI and asking them. Theyโ€™ll know.
  4. Starzaan

    Anyone having issues with WB rug surcingles coming undone?

    No PM so please go back to the place you bought the rugs. They can contact WB and get things sorted for you. Fixtures and fittings are covered by the 3 yr warranty on turnout rugs.
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    Riding schools near Cirencester

  6. Starzaan

    Tips for removing loose hair after clipping?

    Flicky brush then a proper hot cloth.
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    Why do so many people own/ride horses they dont enjoy?

    Because my horse is so effing quirky and difficult that he didn't sell, even after being advertised for almost two years! Luckily I love him, but there are times when I really question why I do it to myself and wish I had something a little less opinionated.
  8. Starzaan

    South West/Cotswolds people - Saddleries!

    I love Colne, and Maurice has been my saddler for years, but it isn't a big store to spend hours wandering round. The only real "day out" store in the vicinity would be Wadswick, or MAYBE Oldfields of Ombersley, but that is only about half the size. If you're after a proper day out with lunch...
  9. Starzaan

    South West/Cotswolds people - Saddleries!

    I live in the Cotswolds and am a sales rep for an equestrian company covering the right hand side of the country haha. The best "day out" kind of store near the Cotswolds would be Wadswick. Sadly we have lost a lot of our saddleries in the area. If you're looking for an Ingatestone-esque...
  10. Starzaan

    What the hell is wrong with some people!

    Holy mother of god, that is just unforgivable.
  11. Starzaan

    What's the obsession with buckskins and duns?

    Yep - he's passported as dun but he has no dun markings. He's just big and yellow and opinionated.
  12. Starzaan

    What's the obsession with buckskins and duns?

    Mine is an absolute toad so helpfully dispels the belief that there is no such thing as a bad dun. However, he is beautifully put together, and very lovely to look at... and Iโ€™ve never met another dun as big as he is - 17.3hh is a lot of yellow!
  13. Starzaan

    Haylege v Hay

    Haylage has a much higher water content than hay, so you actually need to feed more of it than hay. Neither is better than the other, it just depends what works best for your horse. Iโ€™m interested to see that you say his feed will need to be supplemented by forage - this should be the other...
  14. Starzaan

    non-horsey parents

    I was very lucky to grow up in a very horsey family, but the grass isn't always greener. Being taught by your mother isn't always the easiest thing in the world (think dandy brushes flying at you when you forget your dressage test, and stirrups being hidden for weeks on end to improve your...
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    Stable management software

    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I love that you think of me you moragulous creature. โค๏ธ
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    Stable management software

    I used a system like this when I was running a very very large yard. We had almost 150 horses on site - a mixture of polo ponies for polo, polo ponies for teaching, riding school horses, full and part liveries, and hunt hirelings. I used it for lesson booking, horse records, and all sorts of...
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    Breeds you admire ...

    The size is why I love them haha! They're so lazy that they're no bother in the house - I lived with two and a Springer x Lab in a mobile home for two years and the little Springador caused the most problems. When they're in the house, they're asleep. Also never feel unsafe with a Dane around...
  18. Starzaan

    Breeds you admire ...

    Oooohhh I admire so many! I have owned Bouviers, Ridgebacks, working Cockers, a Bichon, Great Danes, a lurcher, and a Dane x Doberman. Danes are "my" breed - I couldn't live without one, slobber and all! I admire so many - Flatcoats GSPs Malinois Dalmatians Leonbergers Spinones Catahoula...
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    Can I pick your glorious brains?

    Thank you all so much for your feedback. And if anyone is at Badminton please come and say hi. Iโ€™ll be wafting around for most of the week. Nice change to being on the road!
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    Can I pick your glorious brains?

  21. Starzaan

    Can I pick your glorious brains?

    Thank you all so much - will definitely use some of these ideas!
  22. Starzaan

    Can I pick your glorious brains?

    Thank you all - this is all incredibly useful!
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    Length of Mane for Plaiting

    I'm the same as be positive - I'd take that mane down by at least half, but it's all personal preference. Have a play and see what works best for you. :)
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    Can I pick your glorious brains?

    While we're at it, what kind of things would you like to see from brands on social media? Behind the scenes? Factories, warehouses, meet the team, or just product and how to use it etc.? Would be great to get some ideas :)
  25. Starzaan

    Can I pick your glorious brains?

    This is what I am aiming for. We want our sponsored riders to be accessible, and we want them to help encourage and inspire followers - be it by giving them something to dream about, or making them seem more "real" by encouraging them to talk about the challenges as well as the positives.
  26. Starzaan

    Can I pick your glorious brains?

    Ooh I like that idea!
  27. Starzaan

    Can I pick your glorious brains?

    Hello my moragulous beauties! I was just wondering if I could pick your horsey brains? I am planning the social media activity for some sponsored riders for work over Badminton. I was just wondering what kind of content you would like to see from professional riders on social media...
  28. Starzaan

    Rules... livery yards

    As an ex yard owner who paid my lifeโ€™s savings to the people who built my school, I had this rule too for my liveries. Nobody messed with my surface. ๐Ÿ™ˆ
  29. Starzaan

    Opinions on cheaper riding hats?

    Ooh that's really interesting - thank you! I had no idea how different they were. Thank you for correcting me :)