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    Alnwick Ford Be event

    Does anyone have any thoughts they can share on Alnwick Ford BE event - am thinking of doing the BE80 but will be our first. Thanks in advance
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    Horse on cover of this weeks H&H

    Anyone know what make of bridle it is wearing?
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    No posts recently - all well? How's the new one?
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    Jessica Dunn

    Anyone had any lessons? Would you recommend? (Pm if you would prefer)
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    thin line or matte

    I am looking at buying a thin pad for my saddle. I am looking at these 2 can anyone recommend (or not) with of these?
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    numnah for monoflap xc saddle

    Have been recommended the griffin nummed but they only do a couple of colours and looking for something a bit brighter. Anyone got any recommendations? (Its a close contact saddle so don't want to have a thick pad.) Many thanks
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    Phil brown

    Anyone been on any of his training courses? Would you recommend? Many thanks
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    ground near epworth

    Anyone nearby who knows what the ground is like at the moment?
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    Trevor roper

    Anyone had a lesson?
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    haylo horse feeder

    Hi is anyone using one of these or have any experience of them? Looking at getting one for a youngster who seems to be able to get his foot in a hayney however high it is!
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    Grafenstolz offspring

    there were quite a few posts a few years ago about Grafenstolz and I was just wondering now that time has passed what his offspring are doing. Does anyone have one or know of someone who does and what are they doing?
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    breeders in the nw or thereabouts

    Can anyone recommend a breeder of sports horses with good temperaments in the north west or thereabouts. ideally one with 4 year olds for sale. Thanks in advance
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    portable electric fence

    I am looking at doing some trek and in preparation am practising corralling my horse. If the fence is to be easily erected and taken down what do you do for an earthing point?
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    unaff ode

    Is there still a calendar of ODE? I have been on the Facebook site of one that used to maintain a calendar but no longer does.
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    dassett eventing

    Has anyone bought from them?
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    ALW BE90 arena event

    Is the sj usually up to height?
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    app to track speed etc

    Hi I met someone on the gallops who was using an app on her phone to record speed/distance etc.. It was called something like stridden but I can't find anything on my app search. Anyone use this app or something similar?
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    help!! Oil filter on n iveco cargo

    Where is it? I have looked online but can't work out where it is on the engine! Help!
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    Does anyone know if BE is offering a discount for this event for its members -I seem to recall they may have done last year. I know BD did.
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    Good equestrian facilities

    I have just spent a couple of days at Lyneham enjoying there fantastic facilities. I know Somerford also have outstanding facilities but was just wondering if there are any other places of a similar calibre?
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    speetley or kirkley hall?

    Does anyone have any experience/knowledge of either event? Can;t decide which to enter
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    Competing alone at Burgham on Sunday

    Anyone else competing alone? Don't need any help but it would be nice to have someone to say hi to...
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    stabling near askham bryan

    Anyone know of any stabling close to Askham Bryan? Looking for an overnight on the Saturday of their BE event.
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    Showjumping at Harrogate riding centre

    Debating going for the club show. Does anyone know what its like, and what the courses are like. Any info much appreciated
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    wet weather - riding gear

    It looks like the rain is going to be a feature for the foreseeable future. has anyone got recommendations for what to wear (human and horse) to ensure a relatively dry outcome???
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    protecting the aluminium floor of the horsebox

    Hi I have a horsebox with an aluminium floor with rubber mats on top. My horse has 'wee'd' on it a few times of late during a long journey so I though I would life the mats to ensure it wasn't wet underneath. Well it was wet in places. I am now wondering about laying them back down - they...
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    Global Champion Tickets Syon park

    Anyone know if there are any tickets available at a discount?
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    tredsteo riding boots

    Thinking of buying some tredstep long riding boots. Just wondering on durability.
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    south view arena event

    Anyone done it before? What are the XC jumps like? Was just talking to a friend who was on an Oliver Townend XC course there last year and he declined to use the XC fences because he didn't consider them suitable. (No more info on them than that) Its in the indoor. Thanks in advance
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    somerford's all weather xc

    Anyone been on it yet?