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    Spaying A Mare.

    My 18 year old very fit and well, much loved mare in later life her seasons have got very over the top. She has had a full ovary health check, bloods ect. She had the summer on regumate which though I though did not do much as soon as it finished I realised what I had forgotten! I hope to enjoy...
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    White Shetlands.

    Ok I know ponies are not white they are grey. But near junction 10 of the M4 there is a field full of very cute white shetland's . Do they have a job to do or are they just someone's hoarding habit. They do make me smile when I have been past though.
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    RIP Blue Circle Boy

    Just read about Blue Circle very sad he really did put para dressage on the map. I would have loved to own him but so glad lots of us got to enjoy seeing him. RIP
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    Elec Tape or Rope?

    I want to run an elec fence around the outside of arena as horses will be grazing next to it. Which is best rope or tape?
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    If Foxhunting With Hounds.

    Is banned what about hunting with a pack of cats. Today when I turned the horses out the farm cats were waiting down the drive as I turned round the corner a fox was trotting by he took a detour and next thing that happened Sid & Shadow came belting round on the scent of Mr Foxy I just prayed...
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    Help to oil or not?

    I have after 10+ years bought Maggie a new bridle it is a good quality Jeffries one. I have used it once after leather barm & conditioning soap but still much stiffer than I would like. Should I go back to my old way of neatsfoot oil just to start it off, I know they say it rots the stiching but...
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    Weg 2018

    So it is not going to be at Bromont hope they find someone to host it. Having visited Bromont this year though a lovely site it was hard to imagine them being able to host such a big event. Sad for them as they were all keen to host it and were very welcoming to us.
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    Champion of the Companion Pony.

    Do not usually post in Tack room but this is a purely pony post. I have Peter the Pony as a companion and he really is the best you could have. He has his own little field and shelter which he has to give up if needed by fresh calved or sick cows. He grazes the lawn he will settle in either of...
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    Dressage Saddle

    Friend asked me to post on here if anyone has a secondhand dressage for sale. She is after a 17.5 black medium Amerigo Cervia Sienna saddle which is ment to be very suitable for the modern warmblood with high sloping wither. I know it is a bit of a long shot or have you any suggestions for...
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    New Look H & H

    I will have to cancel my subscription after many, many years. I can not read it now the print is to small, why should I have to get glasses just to read it last weeks is fine. Paper seemed thinner as well so it gave it a cheap feel. I know I do not like change but if I can not read it , it is...
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    Carrie Vincent

    Do not have a clue about her but she has just been prosecuted for selling non bomb pro horses as safe. Would you believe she was a police officer at the time. Accidents happen but to sell unsuitable horses to people is a crime. It was on our local news so I am sure it is fine to name and shame...
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    Well Done David Doel

    Just a post saying well done to my friends nephew David Doel on topping the under 21 event riders board. I was stewarding at Aldon last Friday and it was like groundhog day watching him ride horse after horse, always polite to the stewards as was Lucinda Green's daughter Lissa who thanked me for...
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    WEG printing tickets

    Could not decide best place to post but just wanted to know if anyone who has bought WEG tickets has managed to print them off. I am struggling to work it out. I can manage to get them on the screen but how ever I try I either get a blank page or no response at all. I am guessing the help line...
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    Recomend Me A Bridle

    I have promised my mare a new bridle for about 5 years she is about to lose her current one to her daughter so now is the time to get one. She is horse size but needs cob sized cheek pieces I want strong but soft leather not to fine but not a really thick one. Links to ones you like would help.
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    Stud balancer or lo cal balancer

    I have carried on with baileys stud balancer even though my youngster is 3 and the mare is riding again. A friend picked up lo cal by mistake but I do wonder if I should use it now. They are both very good doers but poorish feet they only get balancer and a smiggy of alfa. Lo cal mentions...
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    WEG 2014

    Is anyone else p#ssed how they are selling WEG tickets I like to sort my own tickets, travel, ect . But tickets will not be available until April next year unless you go through a travel agent. We had such a good time in Kentucky WEG 2010 but I worry it will be like the Olympics and I will...
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    Catching up on some reading and in the free local paper there was a dressage report. They mentioned a KWPN gelding and than in the next sentence called him a hermaphrodite. I have seen many pigs that were hermaphrodites but never heard of a horse. And would you then call it a gelding or is it...
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    Summer Update

    If anyone is interested Summer class of 2010 was 3 on Saturday. On Thursday she went to the Royal Bath and West and was second. She was really well behaved and had not been to a show since September so I was very pleased. Feel free to add your class of 2010 updates.
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    Lost Dog

    I have aquired a dog tonight having phoned several neighbours but no one knows who he is. Have phoned dog warden but seems like I have a lodger for the night! Just decideding if he will sleep in my dogs cage or I risk the kitchen with my boy luckly my boy is used to visitors. I'm can not think...
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    Good Sunday Morning

    Wrong place!!
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    Proud Mummy Post

    For anyone that remembers Summer my SS filly from 2010. She has been at summer school and been to a couple of shows. The first one was the Gillingham & Shaftesbury and after many hours stood on the lorry in the rain the sun came out and she got 2nd in coloured youngstock. The following week in...
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    A how is she looking

    My baby is just gone 2 now and as home here is very quiet just her mum at home Summer has gone to a yard to see some live and do a couple of in hand shows. I,m hoping it will make life easier when she goes to be broken possably late next year. Where she has gone her sire is standing so it is...
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    Olympic stables

    I was curious to read 219 horses arriving to the games in to 200 stables!! Is it double rooms for some?
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    Another hows my filly doing?

    Spured on by classic astras post of her filly from 2010 I have a few of my June 2010 filly just in the field or on route to the stable. A new vet had a peak at her when mare had her jab and said she was a 4.5 out of 5 on the fat chart she also said the mare was over weight even though I had not...
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    Poor Archie!

    I did have to laugh at the experts discription of Archie the coloured cob in the H&Hs feature about selling your horse. I do hope the bored, sulky teenager has found a nice new home I expect a few parents would like to sell their bored, sulky teenagers. I hope Carol does find the right horse for...
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    buddy and 7 Up

    I only caught the tail end of the C5 news at 5pm there were a couple of horses that had been rescued just short of death. To see them now was lovely and 7 up is a very naughty boy bless him. Does anyone know the full story?
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    Those with sweet itch sufferers

    Have you taken their sweet itch rugs off yet? I have a little loan pony he suffers with terrible sweet itch just wondering when he can maybe go naked. He will be stabled at night soon so i would like him to be without rugs as he is a native. What do you do with yours?
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    Do you beat your horse?

    On the way to my lesson today I passed a lady wearing a sweat shirt with Beat the Problem not the horse. Do you get fed up with natural horse people implying that everyone who does not do 'Natural' beats their horse to get results. I find organic farmers the same implying that they are better...
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    Ist show

    A slightly lighter post that my other one as the swelling on hock is quite small Summer still went to her first show and after a lively start she calmed down and behaved beautifully. She did not get well placed mainly as the trot up was not brill I was over carefull and in her own trot up had...
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    Mare's behaviour

    My mare is known to kick but has been a fabuless mum and was no trouble when they were put back together after weaning. So why when I put a rug on her 15mnt daughter for the first time did she attack her she must reconise her. I have had to try to slowly get her used to her wearing it now but...