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    Getting a horse in a better outline

    I think perhaps consider the change in his body that needs to happen in order to carry a rider in a completely new way from when he was racing, for him to work in an 'outline' and take more weight behind and work over his back more. This is a slow and steady process and try to expect small...
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    Financial contributions for sharers

    I have a friend that does mine a few days a week, to be honest its a god send to me sometimes, she does jobs and its a beautiful rider who I trust completely, I wouldn't have a sharer otherwise, she effectively pays £6 a day towards costs as the horse doesn't really cost me a lot (lives out in...
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    To Insure Or Not To Insure?

    I wouldn't ever insure again but I do have savings higher than the value of what the insurance would pay out in an emergency situation. Over at least 20 years I haven't had anything happen where I would have used insurance, everything that's happened has been a few hundred so over 20 years if I...
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    Are local shows fixed?

    I am not sure how it can be 'fixed' unless the judge used is also at the yard? I judge dressage and every yard/ local show I have done I wouldn't know who is stabled there and who isn't, the same for the showing judges I have met at some of the bigger shows have all been hired from outside? Of...
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    Lighthearted quandary- Dressage cob - feathers on/off

    Definitely on! I love seeing their feathers flying and seeing a change from the exact same type of horse over and over :) (btw I have generic dressage horse so I can say that ;))
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    Trailer insurance

    Having read this I just did a quote for mine on their website and its £148 so may go with them!
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    Trailer insurance

    I am with seib and mine has come in today at 170 inc breakdown cover.
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    horse failed vetting but vet told to re-vet in a week..

    My friend bought a horse last year for slightly more than you are looking at op, there was a ? on the vetting, technically a failure on one leg but the horse was so talented and it was so minor she went ahead, had a great few months then went totally lame and has been a field ornament since with...
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    The things I have learned.....

    Ah its so annoying viewing horses I agree, also hated being the seller even though I was lucky the first 2 I sold went to friends, and the 3rd most recent had 2 people look through word of mouth and both were in love so I had the choice of 2 amazing homes. One horse I went to view for myself was...
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    Showjumping versus dressage

    Definitely dressage, I prefer showjumping but the whole day is too much aggro, when I was last doing bs I would turn up and often declare only to have to hang around for hours, try and warm up in utter chaos a lot of the time, then if you have a pole that's a massive amount of time wasted for 0...
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    What is it with kids thinking it’s cool to jump high?!

    It was very many years ago now but when I was a teenager I was jumping around foxhunter level so not small on a pony! There was always a bit of a competitive thing amongst the other girls that competed at my yard to jump higher, its certainly not what we did all the time of course but I don't...
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    Looking for a kind and EXTREMELY patient instructor in Essex

    Hi Liz Is your name the same on Facebook? There is a msg option on this forum if you want to exchange contact details that way, have a look for the envelope at the top right of your page x
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    Looking for a kind and EXTREMELY patient instructor in Essex

    I’m an instructor and not far from you feel free to msg if you like x
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    Anyone want to look at horse confo for me?

    I have had a Spanish horse, not an expert but happy to have a look :)
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    Owning a horse and having preventative double mastectomy and possible reconstruction advice!

    One of my horsey friends went through similar, in addition to chemo etc, she was unable to do anything horsey for several months recovering but did heal well. She has reconstruction much later on. When we went to the initial meetings at the hospital (she didn't have a partner so I was with her)...
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    A "tainted" yard

    If I ruled out every yard in my area because of previous outbreaks there would be none to choose from! Unfortunately it goes on all the time and you won’t always hear about it. As long as there are reasonable procedures in place I would go for it. Any yard that allows horses to go out to shows...
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    Competitive spark and living out.

    Ive been there a few times, there have been a few horses in that I guess will be ridden that day but normally lots out, I don't know him or his set up to comment further but its a very calm and peaceful place, if I was a horse I wouldn't mind living there (actually scrap that ill take a stable...
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    Getting a Canter lead correct, top tips please

    I was also going to suggest the above x
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    What would you pay?

    i thought the same, this is the exact type of horse that will be taken in by a dealer and usually sold on to someone quite likely highly unsuitable.
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    feel dreadfull - I am a timewaster

    It’s just the way the stud arranges things for the youngsters there as the summer grazing is further away it just works out well this way, but everyone there are all people they know it’s not advertised so you would prob need to do some asking around or advertise what you want and see what comes...
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    feel dreadfull - I am a timewaster

    If its a youngster it doesn't necessarily need to be close to you, my baby horse is over 20 miles away living out, all the owners have rota days to check them so I only go once a week.
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    feel dreadfull - I am a timewaster

    If its a youngster can you not buy it and put it on field livery with other youngsters until things free up a bit?
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    Photos: Vets not 100% whats going on with this one. Thoughts?

    sorry if I missed it but have you had bloods taken>?
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    Should I lease my dressage horse? (& How?!)

    I think its a great idea, I had a year gap without a horse to ride and would have happily paid for a lease, it would have been better for me to pay a fee plus all the costs of keeping them than going out and buying a horse, tack, vetting etc etc - I would think you will be inundated with...
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    Getting rid of rats without using poison

    We tried these and the rats ate through the plastic! we also have 2 jack russells, one was awesome the other was useless so really I only had one terrier doing the job. In then end I got a specialist out who went through everything with a fine tooth comb and set poison, it was a last resort but...
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    yard option thoughts pls?

    Thanks ... I really wish there was a yard 3 choice but the only other options close their fields all winter which is a definite no! The only other option is to go around 20 miles away which would become quite a chore x
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    yard option thoughts pls?

    Yes, I agree, I have never had them that close before so it hasn't worried me but it would make my life so much easier! In the mornings the traffic just to go 8 miles can be horrendous as its everyone heading into London out of our town. I would have all of that time back from travelling to do...
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    yard option thoughts pls?

    Thank you, there is no turnout during the 2 weeks of isolation. I know what you mean about dogs its just handy when you have dogs to take them on occasion to incorporate their walk into going there would save time some days. I am not massively worried about the bitching as I do tend to stay out...
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    yard option thoughts pls?

    I have seen these posts and now need help deciding please! My current yard is around 8 miles from home which is the closest its ever been, its a mix of stables and rented units so can be a bit chaotic with noise, drilling and machinery which does take away from the peaceful enjoyment of having...