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  1. Black Beastie

    Getting rid of rats without using poison

    Someone with some ferrets :) can get into the small spaces and do the job
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    Changes and moving

    Thanks :) Well the exact words used were ‘if you don’t like it then leave’, this was usually said when I’d came out on top of any discussion or didn’t agree with the micro management. This was shouted down the phone at me so I did. I loved the yard and the YO he was a lovely guy but the YM was...
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    Changes and moving

    Wow the last few weeks have been full of changes for us. We moved yards at short notice from our small yard close to home to a much larger yard a short drive further but with more facilities and with my friends on it :) I took him to a show and just didn’t take him back, I know a lot of you...
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    Clever or cheeky lol

    So this has been an eventful week for us. Mainly not planned but he’s such a good wee lad and very happy to oblige once he’s engaged. :D So we had a very scary blue pallet leaning against the wall of the barn on the way to his stable, he was bracing and snorting and spooking at it. He nearly...
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    Oooops double post

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    Pictures Summer coat!

    So finally we have some summer coat after weeks of stripping out the winter coat :) Wee man is looking good, I have entered him for the Royal Highland Show in June. We have also been doing inhand walks and we tackled some stairs for the first time and he stomped up them like a pro after a...
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    Topspec turbo flakes

    Yes they were good for giving my Welsh d x dales mare some ping before a rideout or competition. I fed them the day before and the day of and that gave us enough energy without helping her gain weight which was something she never needed any help with lol :) I fed half a big round scoop in the...
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    Pictures Show off

    He’s certainly showing his welshy side at the moment and having thuggish moments. He listens though when you tell him off which is good. Now that summers nearly here I have lots of fun little things planned for us to do. Biggest being the Royal Highland Show in June ;)
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    Pictures Show off

    Yes he tested every strand :cool: I didn’t film it all as I was too busy laughing at him :D I’m hoping he keeps his colouring as he gets older :)
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    Pictures Show off

    Thanks! Yes the Arab tail was in full flow :D Thanks for all the lovely comments folks.
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    Pictures Show off

    Hahahah yeah I’m very particular about that tail ;) I have a nice tailbag all ready for it once it’s long enough to get dirty :D
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    Pictures Show off

    I know he’s not exactly showing his intelligence off to the max :cool:
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    Pictures Show off

    Thank you :) he’s certainly growing up handsome :D
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    Pictures Show off

    When he met the leccy fencing switch on :D
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    Pictures Show off

    Rest of pics and videos
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    Pictures Show off

    Had a play with Faran and some feed bags yesterday, he was fine with them being all over his face and body and he was throwing them about so we seem to be fine with flappy things, the ginger Shetland rubbing round on the other side of the fence was a different matter however ;) He also met the...
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    where do u go 2 pick up cheap welsh youngstock ( sussex )

    It tells you in the catalogue what they have done. I wanted an weanling but there were plenty being ridden round the ring and had been backed. Defo advertise the Facebook pages.
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    where do u go 2 pick up cheap welsh youngstock ( sussex )

    The sales, I got my lovely boy for a lot less than I’d have paid direct from stud. I went to Builth Wells in October from Lanark in Scotland so quite a distance but well worth the trip. I could have picked up another two for my budget had I a lorry. This is him after his bath today.
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    Need to bath 2yr old-tips?!

    I do my boy with warm water and a sponge. I soap him with fairy liquid then rinse with the sponge and warm water then scrape off. I do his legs and tail with the hose but he’s been getting used to that for months now. Good haynet or haylege net or a lick for distraction works well.
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    Spring and my yearling

    I’ve been hosing his legs every second day and he’s been warm sponge bathed once a month for shows since December. He’s very used to it now. I’m doing it all just now as he’s little enough for me to keep a hold of lol. I find distraction works well. A nice tasty haynet or lick works for the...
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    Spring and my yearling

    It looks that way but I think it’s just the way the picture is :) Being honest doesn’t matter how short or what way I tie him he can get a leg through anything. He just stands and waits to be rescued ;)
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    Spring and my yearling

    So spring in springing and my lovely little foal has over the last week turned into a bit of a thug lol. Clearly the grass is coming through. He got a bath tonight as he is showing this weekend, I’ll do his legs tomorrow (showing Sunday) as it was lovely and warm this afternoon. He decided to...
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    Ifor Williams 505 help

    I’ve just managed to buy a set for my older 505 on EBay. I’ve been looking for three years. Keep an eye out on gumtree/ebay/preloved that’s what I’ve been doing. I snapped them up as soon as I saw them.
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    Flying Pony!

    I don’t think she will be knocking poles with her legs anytime soon going by those pics. I wouldn’t get rid of a good thing, you have done this before and it’s knocked the kids backwards. I’d be keeping her for longer and letting your kids get more confidence. Seems to be as soon as they are...
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    Flying Pony!

    Why can’t you just let your daughter keep having fun on her?? She doesn’t seem to big or too heavy?? Probably been the best move you have done getting a been there and done it for them. Why ruin it all now??
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    Help... enormous sachets of antibiotics

    Custard powder Molasses Treacle Mint essence Mint cordial I’d buy a few and change the taste every time so she doesn’t get used to it. All the Above hid meds from my fussy gelding, the only thing they didn’t hide was baytril and prascend. The prascend I got gel capsules for and he got it...
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    Yard owner doesn't let us use trailer locks!?

    Pfft I’d tell him to go fcuk himself and just not talk to him from now on. Ear buds in music up loud and ignore. A friend has had her trailer damaged by the YO moving it without her permission. It was locked but was just tied to a tractor and dragged but jockey wheel not taken up so bent and...
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    Coping after horse pts.

    I lost my boy in November and I’m still not coping well with it despite having the most delightful and amazing baby horse to play with and educate and riding many others. I feel your pain, I doesn’t get better so I’m told but I’m still not there yet. It would have been our 18th Owniversary...
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    Done to death I know but who insures their young stock?? I’m toying with the idea of insuring Faran. Had a few quotes and I’m not going to lie I choked a little. Between £40-£50 to insure a 10month old that’s just being quietly played with and taken to the odd inhand show. Also because he’s...