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    Talk to me about sweating and seat savers

    I have an embarrassing problem. I get very hot when I ride and this results in a sweaty botty. Unsightly patch on my jodhpurs , but now my saddle leather is becoming discoloured. Might a seat saver help by absorbing the moisture or would it make things worse? Any suggestions?
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    First Time Fence Judging...any tips please?

    As title really. I've never fence judged before but thought it was time I volunteered. I'm going to Little Downham tomorrow. Do any of you have any tips for me please?
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    If the venue is running a Regional Final, does it mean........?

    Quick question. If the venue is running a BE90 Regional Final does that mean the regular BE90 will be more tricky? How likely is it that there will be two courses? Just wondering and thinking of doing my first 90 and noticed the RF was running too. Thanks in advance.
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    BS record

    Hi, Please can someone look up a showjumping record for me? thanks in advance
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    A 'What would you do'?

    This all sounds silly now I write it down but I'm looking for ideas. I have two horses, one a delicate TB who is 12 and currently off again with another tendon strain. I'm hoping to bring him back into work and continue with him as a happy hacker. This is the third leg problem in as many years...
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    Badminton Draw.....explain?

    I see the drawn order for Badminton is up on their website. Can someone more knowledgeable than me explain why both Tina Cook and Ollie Townend have a choice of which order to ride their horses in, where as some of the other riders with more than one horse haven't. Gemma Tattersall was on...
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    Washing a Back Protector

    How do you wash your back protectors? (Do you ever wash them?) Mine is getting a little whiffy, yes I wear it a lot and work hard in lessons, etc. Has anybody ever put their back protector in the washing machine? Mine's a RaceSafe and it says not to but I'm very tempted, what harm can it do...
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    Sunshine Tour or staying away at a show anyone?

    Massively excited as me and my boy have qualified for the Sunshine Tour Arena Eventing at Hickstead in September. I have never been to a stay away show( yes I know it's months away) but it seems like there will be loads to take, hay, shavings, etc.etc.. I have a trailer and I hate camping...
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    Am I Mad ?.....A WWYD THREAD

    On Wednesday I had a fall XC schooling and hurt my ribs. Decided not to go to A and E as what could they do anyway for ribs and have subsequently been prescribed codeine for the pain by my Doctor. Am supposed to go on a hound ride tomorrow( meeting friends there). I can still ride( although 3...
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    Advice needed with exuberant TB after recovery from tendon injur

    Rather a long winded one, but please bare with me. I have a gorgeous 9 yr old TB who came back into work in January after a DDF tendon injury. Before his injury we were just doing unaffiliated stuff and I was working towards our first BE80, all well the capabilities of an ex racehorse. While he...
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    TB coming back into work, very excitable. Help?

    I know its not the best time of year to be bringing a 9 yr old TB back into work as he started getting very silly in the field and to lead in, my vet agreed that starting exercise might reduce the risk of further injury from pratting about. He's recovered well from a tendon injury having been...
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    Live Streaming Liverpool International Horse Show on NOW***
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    German Passport Change Of Ownership Help

    Hi, I am hoping for some help with a German passport. I recently bought a German Sports Horse and want to know if I have to send the passport back to Germany or can I get the change of ownership done in the UK? I'm not keen on sending it off to Germany especially if it's not absolutely...
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    Giving a calmer before trotting up for vet

    Hi, My boy is off with a tendon injury. He has been on box rest but this week was given the all clear to go out in a pen. Yay! We are having to give him sedation to keep him calm to get him to the pen. Unfortunately it's nearly a 5 min walk from his stable. The vet is coming to see him trot...
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    BS members: Can someone look up a horse's record for me please?

    Hi, I am not a member of BS but am considering buying a horse who is. Please can someone look up his record and explain to me what it means in terms of what classes I can enter him in. Thanks in advance
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    Working Hunter Experts Please.

    Hi I am thinking of entering my boy ( old fashioned Hunter Chaser TB type) in some green working hunter classes as a bit of fun as we have never tried any before and he loves his jumping. I'm guessing he can't do it in his Micklem bridle, can he? Is he ok in a waterford? Can I wear brown long...
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    Riding Boots On Fashion Website Does this mean I can wear my Ariats out in the evening as well as at the yard?
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    Auroras Encore Retires Wishing him a speedy recovery and all the best for a long and peaceful retirement
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    Fantastic News About Denman So glad you are on the mend, you tough old boy!
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    Our first HT and ODE with ex-racehorse

    Spurred on by an earlier thread, here goes: I have had my boy two years, the first year was rather a right off with a sore back, lameness and then a nasty field injury. So the re training has been slow to say the least. Anyway, thanks to encouragement from some HHO's after my boy fried his...
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    Carl Hester Wins Show Jumping Gold OOOOps!!!!
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    OOops, Equestrian European Medallists Photo Muddle

    Have a look at this page and scroll down to Gold Rush for GB jumpers I thought showjumpers didn't wear tails!!!!!! and hold on isn't one of them female. I bet Carl Hester didn't know Utopia could jump so well
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    Woman Takes Horse Into Macdonalds
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    In Hand Showing Help Please

    Hi I want to show my ex racer in hand this season. This will be his first time in a show ring and I have no experience other than watching others. I dont have time before the show to get out and do some research and I can't remember from watching but should he be led with reins over the lead...
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    Riders: How old is too old to event?

    Following from the thread about older horses still eventing, I wondered what peoples thoughts were on older event riders ,without meaning to sound ageist. I'm in my 40's and would consider giving it go, people seem to hunt well into their old age. I read about a lady in her 60's who won a NH...
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    Help With Saddle For Showing Please?

    As the title really. I am looking to do a couple of local showing classes with my boy this summer but I ride him in a tan jumping saddle and bridle. Is this colour/style appropriate for showing? He is brown. I do have a Havana bridle and GP saddle (although saddle is with the saddler waiting to...
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    Help with uploading pics please

    Please can someone explain to me how to upload pics onto a thread( in not too technical language). I have some in photobucket but can't seem to work out how to get them on here. Many thanks
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    Ex Hurdler Does Dressage

    This is my first Competition Report...woohoo.....finally at the stage where we can go to parties. Took my 6yr old TB ex racer to his first prelim. He was a real ****** to load and more than one person said it was because he didn't get an easter egg as usually he's fine. Anyway eventually got...
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    Are you sad,mad or proper to want matchy matchy horsey gear?

    This is a lighthearted post. It's not really a big deal BUT my boy has basically blue travel gear although I have never been happy that his boots fitted properly. I bought them secondhand and I think they were not labelled correctly. Anyway long story short, today I bought some secondhand Mark...
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    Can you help me name my horse please?

    I have a brown 7 yr old ex racehorse and I want to start doing a bit of unaffiliated dressage,showing, jumping etc. but I am really not keen on his 'posh' name Racing name: Blantyre ( yuck) Stable name: Ted Sire: Generous, Dam: Bella Macrae Anyone got any suggestions please?