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    Keep, sell, loan - HELP!

    I was in a similar position to you. I bought a RC all rounder after having a tricky TB. The new horse was the sweetest horse ever but without sparkle. I thought i could get him going more forward but after 3 years of trying I realised I wasn't enjoying competing on him. He was always behind the...
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    Talk to me about sweating and seat savers

    I have an embarrassing problem. I get very hot when I ride and this results in a sweaty botty. Unsightly patch on my jodhpurs , but now my saddle leather is becoming discoloured. Might a seat saver help by absorbing the moisture or would it make things worse? Any suggestions?
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    Showjumping Bruised and battered.

    How rotten. Hope you feel better soon.
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    She's incredible. Let's hope she stays in training but I bet the Sheikh can't wait for her to become a brood mare
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    Horse whisperer/animal communicator

    This is fascinating but I remain a sceptic. The thing about the headcollar is a common one. I've read other peoples reports about seeing an Animal Communicator and they invariably say something about the headcollar being used. In fact I had to check your post wasn't an old one because I'm...
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    Human calmer!

    Try can get them off the shelf. They contain valerian. I've used them on and off and found them to be helpful
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    Weekend Plans

    I've done the same thing and might chicken out too!
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    Whats inside you horse trailer?

    Those of you who use quick release ties, do you mean the quick release bungee ties? I've seen them online and wondered if they were worth getting
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    XC schooling and lesson

    Thank you, I really like those methods for controlling nerves.I'm going to try them. Shame I didn't read this yesterday before I went to a hunter trial! ;)
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    XC schooling and lesson

    Great photos. Sounds like a brilliant session, just what I could do with. Can you give me some tips on coping with competition nerves?
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    *dashes in* Weekend plans!

    Congratulations MP you are now a married woman!
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    2nd New Forum Weekend Plans :D I'm not reporting on here again!!!! Fell off at the jumping clinic and am hobbling around in some degree of agony, sore hip, back etc. I won't be riding for a few days now and am planning a trip to the chiropractor on Monday.
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    2nd New Forum Weekend Plans :D

    I'm going to a jumping clinic tomorrow and then doing combined training on Sunday. Last time I posted on here about going cubbing my horse got injured so I'm hoping nothing untoward happens this weekend
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    First Time Fence Judging...any tips please?

    Thanks for all the tips. I had a long but great day, thank you. Saw lots of star riders and everyone was clear at my fence so nothing tricky to deal with. Really glad I made the effort.
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    First Time Fence Judging...any tips please?

    Thanks for all you tips everyone. I'm off to pack my bag.
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    First Time Fence Judging...any tips please?

    As title really. I've never fence judged before but thought it was time I volunteered. I'm going to Little Downham tomorrow. Do any of you have any tips for me please?
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    Jonty at BEDE

    There is a video of him walking in to the tent assisted by two people. It's incredible he's up and about. Kick on Jonty.
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    Travelling with no partition in trailer...

    Thats right, thats where I tie my haynet. My horse travels cross tied without a partition. They have a ring thing that slides along on the rails so you can push it nearer to the horse
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    Travelling with no partition in trailer...

    Sorry I can't get the link to work but if you google Ifor Hay net rails it might answer your question
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    WEG showjumping team final on red button NOW!

    yep, really tense. Disappointing from the Brits
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    FEI Yellow Cards / Disciplinaries

    The rules are not applied consistently. James Somerville got a yellow card at Blair for jumping the rope. I saw it on the ERM live stream.He crossed the finish line and didn't pull up in time so got to the end of the chute and had to jump the string.
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    FEI Yellow Cards / Disciplinaries

    Interesting. I can't open the file either at the moment. Out of interest, did Caroline Powell get one for jumping into the crowd at Burghley?
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    Horse who doesn't perform well in a competition arena.

    I have a horse like this that doesn't like competing either, however he shuts down rather than lights up like yours. I wanted to do eventing, showjumping, riding club etc. I kept going with him for a year, trying all sorts of different things, different trainers, feed, routines etc. Several...
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    Weekend plans :)

    Well......not that I'm particularly superstitious but I wrote in Weekend Plans last week (for the first time in literally ages) about going cubbing. Things didn't go totally to plan and horse managed to cut himself rather nastily resulting in this weekends plans being most definitely off and...
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    Going to see a horse...countdown

    Horse shopping is always exciting ( and frustrating) You must tell us how it goes
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    Washing horsey things in your home washing machine!

    I have one of those big orange bags too, hubby is none the wiser.
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    Weekend plans

    Yes, I realised for the first time my trailer didn't have an internal light! Horse was fine about it though. It was amazing watching the sun come up through the mist and steam off the horses. The view made it all worth while. Horse was rather naughty as he is used to drag hunting so didn't...
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    Weekend plans

    Cubbing tomorrow. Haven't been before. I must be mad though, I've got to get up at 4.15am.
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    WEG - Watching live on FEI TV

    It's a really poor service and so are the results services. I can't get Longine or WEG websites to work to find out how we are doing even if we can't watch it Live or OnDemand
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    WEG - Would you send your horse into a hurricane?

    Agree. Does anyone know where I can see the eventing dressage scores?