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  1. Black Beastie

    Changes and moving

    Wow the last few weeks have been full of changes for us. We moved yards at short notice from our small yard close to home to a much larger yard a short drive further but with more facilities and with my friends on it :) I took him to a show and just didn’t take him back, I know a lot of you...
  2. Black Beastie

    Clever or cheeky lol

    So this has been an eventful week for us. Mainly not planned but he’s such a good wee lad and very happy to oblige once he’s engaged. :D So we had a very scary blue pallet leaning against the wall of the barn on the way to his stable, he was bracing and snorting and spooking at it. He nearly...
  3. Black Beastie

    Oooops double post

  4. Black Beastie

    Pictures Summer coat!

    So finally we have some summer coat after weeks of stripping out the winter coat :) Wee man is looking good, I have entered him for the Royal Highland Show in June. We have also been doing inhand walks and we tackled some stairs for the first time and he stomped up them like a pro after a...
  5. Black Beastie

    Pictures Show off

    Had a play with Faran and some feed bags yesterday, he was fine with them being all over his face and body and he was throwing them about so we seem to be fine with flappy things, the ginger Shetland rubbing round on the other side of the fence was a different matter however ;) He also met the...
  6. Black Beastie

    Spring and my yearling

    So spring in springing and my lovely little foal has over the last week turned into a bit of a thug lol. Clearly the grass is coming through. He got a bath tonight as he is showing this weekend, I’ll do his legs tomorrow (showing Sunday) as it was lovely and warm this afternoon. He decided to...
  7. Black Beastie


    Done to death I know but who insures their young stock?? I’m toying with the idea of insuring Faran. Had a few quotes and I’m not going to lie I choked a little. Between £40-£50 to insure a 10month old that’s just being quietly played with and taken to the odd inhand show. Also because he’s...
  8. Black Beastie

    Pictures New herd

    So the little guy has moved into his new herd. It’s a geldings only herd to try and cut down on the aggression. Also the mares just seem cause issues most of the time. I’m not sure about it as I kind of wanted the wee man getting used to mares so that if I move to another yard he won’t have...
  9. Black Beastie

    Pictures New friends

    Faran met Kias herd loose today, I’ve been taking him over when we walk for them to meet over the gate, I put him into the introduction area and let the fun commence o_O Few heart in mouth moments but it went ok despite one attempt to jump the fence which resulting in him bouncing off of it...
  10. Black Beastie

    Little guy

    So the little guy has had his first show, been handled daily, great at getting poked and prodded, and today he met the farrier for the first time :) He’s doing really well, farrier was pleased with his feet, he’s walking out with me a couple of times a week, very nosey and has his own little...
  11. Black Beastie


    Anyone had a fairly routine gelding that went well with all parts removed and no infection still weeping clear fluid after nearly a month?? No smell, no swelling, eating everything, moving exceptionally well, happy to have area prodded and poked and washed. I am in contact with the vet who has...
  12. Black Beastie

    Pictures Little man got gelded this week

    **Wanting gory pics** So on Monday Faran was gelded. Nice and simple one, he snored the whole way through it and continues to be a model patient. Apart from some swelling and a little tunic portrusion after the fact due to the swelling he’s been doing great. Eating all his meds (and...
  13. Black Beastie


    So it’s been a while since I’ve seen or cared for a horse post gelding. My little 7month old colt is having his bits off in a couple of weeks. I’m remember the old school ways of box rest for 3 days with 3/4 15min walks for swelling then if cold and dry turned out daily afterwards. Has this...
  14. Black Beastie

    Pictures Today

    Today I lost my best friend, my confidante, the other half of my soul. Today I lost an anchor and a safe harbour, I lost my secret keeper and the one soul who never judged me nor let my mental illness colour our relationship. Today I said goodbye to you Kiarone. There will never be another you...
  15. Black Beastie

    Pictures Meet Faran

    I thought I’d introduce the new boy on the block. This is Maesymor Amber Flash aka Faran. He’s a 6month old Welsh D Colt foal (soon to be gelded) I bought last weekend at the cob sales. He’s going to be my new friend and hopefully future partner in crime :) This is our blog for anyone who...
  16. Black Beastie

    Equitop Myoplast

    Real opinions and preferably results (including pictures if possible) of the above supplement please. It?s a fair price for something that won?t work. Vet has recommis need putting my Cushings boy of it after he has lost a lot of topline very quickly. He is still in light work (hacking), Vet...
  17. Black Beastie

    No judgement please advice sought

  18. Black Beastie

    Haybar, haynet or feeding from the floor?

    As in title just a question for members on what they prefer for their horses and ponies. I have an older boy previously used Haynets as I would love to feed from the floor but he drags it into his bed and pees on it so not ideal ;) My dad made me a haybar which is brilliant and ideal for him...
  19. Black Beastie

    Online Prescriptions

  20. Black Beastie

    Wolseley skylark clippers charging cable

    I need to replace a power cable for a set of clipper as it has just disappeared. It is for my wolsley skylark clippers, o have been spending a while trying to source a lead to change it but to now avail. The clippers are nearly new but h cable has dun a bunk and my old man may need clipping...
  21. Black Beastie

    Bathing and clipping

    Who clips a horse without bathing it first?? I usually bath before I clip as I find the coat quicker and easier to get off. Kia was supposed to be clipped last weekend, then he decided to pretend he had an abcess. :rolleyes: So he was turned on Sunday and throroughly Coates himself in...
  22. Black Beastie

    Older horses feeding

    Does anyone feed their older horses Dengie HiFi Senior Or Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses free Looking for how they looked on it, if they ate it ok and if they went of it at any stage. I have a fussy veteran and I'm running out of ideas :mad:
  23. Black Beastie

    Spillers balancer?

    Just a question has anyone used the grow and win balancer on a non breeding animal? I understand it's primarily a stud balancer however I've had a few opinions on it on non breeding animals, so curious as to what people think.
  24. Black Beastie

    Making Memories

    We went to Chatelherault Country Park today for a wander. He stomped around the whole 12kms of both trails and a paddle in the Avon River :) I had the best time just him and me.
  25. Black Beastie

    Saracen Releve soak or not?

    Looking at this feed for my old guy should he look to be fit for another winter. Looking to keep it simple so I would be feeding a dry balancer for Am feed before he is turned out and potentially this with a good amount of soaked grass nits and his hay for PM feed. He is fussy and cereal...
  26. Black Beastie

    Happy epic. hack :)

    Went for a visit to my friends to explore some new trails. Found This amazing re-landscaped mining operation valleys, it's been turned i a forestry and well patched out common land Kia bounced all the way out and back and stomped over all terrain :) feeling more like his old self and...
  27. Black Beastie


    Any ideas? I have my own and I have what the vet has said but looking for a wider view. 26yr old, currently being fittened slowly for summer fun, being ridden three times a week for about 1-2hours hacking, very hilly area, in W/T/C. Also hire a school couple of times a month for some...
  28. Black Beastie

    Hunt question

    What drugs will a huntsman decline when disposing of a horse? I'm not up to date on this and I was curious. My boy is old and is being treated for ppid. Ideally I'd like the hunt to take him (if they will) when it's his time, if not it will be the knackerman as he is needle shy and fights...
  29. Black Beastie

    So much fun!!!

    Kia and I pootled off to a local arena for a play today. We had a blast :D He was stiff as I expected, we haven't done any schooling since summer 2015 but I asked for him to stretch down and change the pace of the walk and trot and then I left it at that, no collection even attempted as he was...
  30. Black Beastie

    Causes of quidding

    In an older horse who has not long had his teeth done and apart from one tooth at the gum line his teeth were 'looking good for an old guy'. He has been off his hay, I thought it was the prascend but he has been off that since before xmas, his appetite has gone up since coming off it but his...