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  1. TGM

    Advice on what to feed my 3yr old Dutch Warmblood gelding please?

    What is he fed at the moment? How much hay/haylage does he get? What sort of grazing is he on?
  2. TGM

    Why do some horses not get fat?

    I think much of it is down to individual appetites and natural activity levels. My rounder ones seem to have food as the main priority in their life and spend most of their time with their heads down eating, whereas the leaner ones don't and will spend a lot of time just standing or wandering...
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    The trouble is there are so many variables! The main issues are toilet-training and separation anxiety. Usually if there are other dogs for company then separation anxiety is not a problem, but there are the exceptions! Years ago we acquired a year old Weimaraner and despite having another...
  4. TGM

    Best fly rug for belly protection & suggestions for protecting teats please

    EqWax fly repellent is really good for sensitive areas like teats. It is a soft wax you brush or sponge on, but not messy and doesn't stain like some of the traditional fly creams.
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    What dry food...? Help please!

    duplicate post
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    What dry food...? Help please!

    This link explains 'the pea thing' and the links between grain-free/high legume food and Nutritional Dilated Cardiomyopathy:
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    Pictures Back feet of a potential buy

    Was the postcode "TN12 7DL"?
  8. TGM

    Pictures Back feet of a potential buy

    If the pony is in Tonbridge, then I would suggest contacting Bell Equine or Milbourn Equine as vets. (Milbourn would be my first choice, but think Tonbridge might be on the edge of their area). Who is the dealer? Have you tried checking them out on any of the various Dodgy Dealer facebook groups?
  9. TGM

    Pictures Back feet of a potential buy

    If she is as nice to ride as you say, then I'd be a little suspicious that she has been at a dealer's yard that long and not been sold. Especially the fact that you were shown photos of her shod all round and now she is unshod behind. The first thing that jumps to mind is that she went lame...
  10. TGM

    Feeding naked (groat) oats....... How much to feed?

    If she is prone to laminitis it is not just sugars you need to be wary about but also starches which are generally found in cereals such as wheat, barley, maize, oats etc.....
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    Pictures How big are your yearlings?

    Our youngster was about 15hh as a 2yo and is now a good 16.2hh as a 6yo ...
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    Horse prices - groan

    And he is lovely, but if I remember correctly he was a youngster when you bought him, which again is something the OP doesn't want!
  13. TGM

    Horse prices - groan

    I don't think it is so much that general horse prices have riisen significantly, it is just that you are looking for the type of horse that is very much in demand, and therefore priced accordingly. If you read the forum regularly you will see so many people are looking for nicely put-together...
  14. TGM

    Would you hack 4 miles road work to a jumping or flatwork lesson?

    In my youth (which admittedly was a long time ago) I hacked further than that to a one day event, competed, and then hacked home. As long as the horse is fit enough I don't see the problem.
  15. TGM

    Bolesworth - Chances?!

    Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show *IMPORTANT UPDATE* Public: Unfortunately, despite taking proactive measures throughout the build up and overnight we are not able to open the show to the Public today. We have significant water standing on site and also on the roads surrounding, and...
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    Bolesworth - Chances?!

    FROM THE BOLESWORTH FB PAGE: **Equerry Bolesworth International Horse Show – Weather Update** Good Morning! We are experiencing wet weather at BIHS currently, which is forecast for the next day. We are monitoring the situation regularly and have made the following provision to ensure the...
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    Standing in with no food

    I agree completely that you have to look beyond just diet for the causes of ulcers. But that said, the way we feed can have an important effect on prevention as well. I do agree with you, however, horses don't need to be stuffing their faces for 24 hours a day if they are prone to being...
  18. TGM

    Standing in with no food

    And this is probably one reason why ulcers are so prevalent in hunters, competition horses and racehorses! Coupled with the fact that fast work increases the splashing of gastric acid onto the non-glandular part of the stomach. One lot of figures I saw put the incidence of gastric ulcers as...
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    New Calmer! try it for free :D

    Mine have been on it for years! :p
  20. TGM

    Opinion on my ponies weight

    It is difficult to tell from that photo - would be better from the other side so you could see the neck better without the mane and a view from behind to see her bottom more clearly. She does look like she has fat deposits on the top of her bottom and a crest to her neck. Not massively obese...
  21. TGM

    Pink Papers and how to price my horse?

    I agree that her competition record is more important at the age of 11 than her breeding - unless you were selling her as a broodmare. Difficult to give a price without more details - what results has she had with you showjumping and cross country? What scores is she getting at Novice...
  22. TGM

    (Very!) early morning hacking - good idea?

    I found early mornings on a weekend much better than early weekday mornings when I was in a similar situation. We have quite a few London commuters around here who leave very early on a weekday but have a lie-in at the weekends!
  23. TGM

    Eventing Eventing Aspirations

    You can certainly work full-time and compete at the more advanced levels as shown by my vet who is currently competing 5*. However, getting the skills to reach that level in the first place is more of a problem - I know my vet worked for a year with a top eventer before getting her current job...
  24. TGM

    Facebook enforcing For Sale posts

    I actually think the interactive nature of Facebook can actually act against puppy farmers and dodgy dealers. I seen several instances of people flagging up ads as being potential puppy farmers, or pointing out a dealer is dodgy, or asking if puppies' parents are health-tested etc.
  25. TGM

    Facebook enforcing For Sale posts

    Yes it is affecting sales of all animals. Allegedly, some 'horses for sale' Facebook groups in Australia have actually been closed down for allowing the sale of horses. I know some UK equestrian FB groups are banning horse sales now, and/or renaming themselves, or setting up separate horse...
  26. TGM

    "A new puppy wrecked my health, home and happiness"

    Should be required reading for all potential puppy owners! I often hear people say "it's OK my family had dogs when I was a kid". Puppies are a whole different ball game to adult dogs. People think they are going to get a delightful cuddly ball of fluff and instead find they have a piranha...
  27. TGM

    Spiralling costs....

    My daughter events and yes it is expensive, but you can still keep costs lower - we don't have a massive budget. For example, her horse only has one stud in each hind. This is not for cost reasons but because this gives grip without affecting the natural movement of the feet too much. So...
  28. TGM

    Workload for a 19 yr old

    As long as the pony seems fit and healthy then should be fine - probably will be healthier than one who is left to get fat in the field from lack of exercise!
  29. TGM

    Farriers - bit of a rant!

    Some yards do stick to just one farrier for the yard, especially if the yard is full livery. However this approach is not always popular with potential livery clients - if they have built up a good rapport with their current farrier and that farrier knows the horse and its feet really well...
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    Bought my puissance tickets yesterday - really looking forward to it - Olympia is definitely part of the Christmas tradition for us.