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    Experience with GRP in horseboxes

    I would be interested to learn of experiences with GRP in horseboxes - this assumes that the GRP was properly sealed at the time of installation and was an appropriate thickness for its duty. Thank you.
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    Pride Horseboxes

    Does anyone have any experience with a Pride Horsebox please? Thank you.
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    Boss and Wildtrack horseboxes

    I am on the hunt for a horsebox. Has anyone had experience of a Boss horsebox or a Wildtrack one? My horses are large but the payload of Boss horseboxes at 1.3te seems higher than most 3.5te boxes which is what caught my eye. Thanks in advance.
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    Hedge plant advice

    I have created a new hardstanding area in one of my paddocks to ease the winter mud. It is bounded by post-and-rail fencing. I would quite like to plant some hedging along the boundary too, not least to stabilise the soil. My horses will be able to lean over the fence to reach it, and will...
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    Another horse - should I?

    Anyone else got the itch to expand their herd? I only have three at the moment and I do fancy another one Perhaps I should get my CLydesdale mare covered, or just 'acquire' one and incur the wrath of my spouse. Anyone else struggling with this?
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    Fireworks WWYD?

    For the second night running the golf club next door have had a firework display. I reckon it is about 300m from the turnout area where my three horses are kept. Luckily I was here and could go out to check up on them while this went on - they were a bit agitated and charging around. Luckily...
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    Experiences with Ecogrid

    Has anyone come across a product called Ecogrid - it is said to be suitable for a range of uses including equestrian. I am fed up with winter mud - we live on clay soil and horses live out 24/7 - so I want to create a firm dry area where I can put the round bale feeder and my mobile field...
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    best way to feed round bales with minimum wastage.

    We have three horses living out in the field. I have been feeding them as lib haylage by dropping a round bale over the fence, and using a large bale net. This works well until the bale is about half eaten when it loses its shape and the horses walk over it. There must be a better way...
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    Arena, concrete or stone

    I am fed up with winter mud, which has been really bad this year thanks to our clay soil. Horses live out. We need to do something about it for next year. I thought about building an arena and using that for winter turnout or even to live out, with a separate feeding area. That is expensive. One...
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    Messed around by seller

    I have been really messed around by a private seller on Facebook. Tragic situation - she was being forced to sell her pride and joy through disability. To keep a very long story short, we have a very positive and extensive initial communication, then as I set off to see the horse was told not...
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    Experience with ridden shire horses

    Are shire horses remotely practical as a ridden horse? I am interested in people's experience. Just to explain a little more, the ridden work would be hacking often on quiet roads but also some forest tracks, mostly walking but some trotting, up to a maximum of about 12 miles but usually much...
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    Voss fly trap

    Does anyone have experience of the Voss horsefly trap? They are the type with a large black ball suspended under a conical net with a fly trap at the top - They appear to be expensive but do they work? Do they just...
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    Planning hacks

    I am looking to hack around the lanes and forest paths from home. There is a major forest with a network of paths three miles away so it is a minimum of a 6 mile round trip to go to the forest - I would like to go 10-12 miles in total. I don't know how fit my horse is, so I was planning to build...