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    which hay steamer

    Interesting idea, I am all for "keeping it simple", and if it works for you, fine! I am sure that this will keep dust down, and the warmth will release the aromas and generally make the hay more palatable. I'm not convinced, though, that it would definitely be enough to kill all the spores in...
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    H&H feature: DIY projects around the yard

    Not really magazine material, but here's a new video showing how I made a couple of hay steamers
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    which hay steamer

    Here's one I made earlier. Originally I made a single one, using a 360 litre wheelie bin. I found I needed to line it with insulation to reach the required temperature of 80 degrees C (180 F). Then I was asked to make a second one, and in fact...
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    Barley straw in Gloucestershire?

    Thanks, perhaps I should have said that they are my current supplier but no longer seem to be able to deliver.
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    Bridleways around Weston-Super-Mare, more so Hutton and Bleadon!

    Ordnance Survey 25k maps should be your first port of call.
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    Barley straw in Gloucestershire?

    Looking for a source in the Dursley area. Can collect small bales in horsebox, or looking for delivery of four large bales. This is for feeding mules, so *must* be barley, please.