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  1. flying_high

    Mystery left hind foot lameness – any insights

    Mystery left hind foot lameness – any insights Horse which blocked to 3/10 lameness left hind foot (not main foot bones) at vet college in February 2018 Nothing showed up on x-ray, foot , scans or MRI to explain lameness. Conclusion was field injury, soft tissue not bad enough to show on MRI...
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    Loud / noisy whips- bats

    Looking for a whip that make a noise when used. Either a clapper or like the Pro Cush racing whips, but ideally not £40 inc postage. Anyone got a cheap type of cross country bat / whip that’s noisy? Ideally not painful, just really noisy? Thanks
  3. flying_high

    Storing ladder in stable

    I have a stable with high eves storage on a livery yard. I cannot reach the height easily, but it is a useful storage space. My horse cant reach it either. I want to access it daily. I have a spare folding ladder. It being livery I cannot leave this outside stable. I was thinking about getting...
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    Groundwork strengthening exercises

    Friend sent me these - from Horses inside out Facebook page. Thought look very useful and might be of interest?
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    Surgical clip regrowth

    Surgical clip regrowth I know two horses given a close vet surgical clip to a small area on body in early and mid December. Different vet practises, different horses but the hair has barely grown back in six weeks. Where there was an open puss filled ulcer in the middle has healed and hair has...
  6. flying_high

    Spine free numnah

    My horses has a nearly healed rub on T13-T16 area of his spine. Area was shaved for vet, and then a Lemieux numnah rubbed area under saddle. Saddler came today and suggested can buy a spine free sheepskin with nothing or small pieces of a elastic across spine. Or a kissing spine numnah. She...
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    spine blister on rugged horse - help

    My horse had the middle of his spine shaved for nerve blocks. I was told okay to start riding him after 5 days, and area looked fine. Despite using a freshly washed, and I thought soft numnah and a short ride, the area has rubbed like blister. It is fragile skin and weeping. It hasn't healed...
  8. flying_high

    thoughts - sore muscles / lethagy

    Has anyone come across a fit adult competition horse that seems to find travelling and clinics / competing / lessons tiring / creating sore muscles? He’s 12 and has competed to medium, and is currently working below that level, and reasonably muscled and reasonably fit. I think it is any...
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    Afforable long waterproof riding coat recommendations

    Afforable long waterproof riding coat recommendations As title - looking for something comfortable to ride in, and very waterproof. Thanks
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    Saddler T&Cs

    Thoughts on these ts&cs?
  11. flying_high

    Tarnished brass

    Hi, What is cheapest and easiest way to recover tarnished brass nameplates? Thanks
  12. flying_high

    Airowear Outlyne Ladies Body Protector

    Is size L6 ladies Airowear Outlyne Ladies Body Protector UK 14-16 or 16-18? I have seen it as both. Can anyone advise? Quite a difference. Thanks
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    silver-whinnys-by-sox-for-horses do these work. I have WB with horrific allergic reaction 4 legs (vet etc). Removed source but legs and skin a mess, and a lot of clearing up to do. Horse arthritic and needs turnout, but field is rather harsh environment in this heat. Cant cover traditionally...
  14. flying_high

    silver-whinnys-by-sox-for-horses Has anyone used these successfully? I have a horse with horrific allergic reaction on all four legs. I have removed cause (PU foam in boots) but the fall out is still horrible. Had antibiotics / steroids / antinflammatories...
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    Allergic to Neoprene ? boots

    Allergic to Neoprene ? boots Hi Can anyone recommend some breathable, basic brushing boots for my older horse? He is allergic to neoprene, and violently allergic to LeMieux breathable mesh brushing boots. I am struggling to find basic Husk brushing boots in LARGE (seem to be out of...
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    X-ray costs Surrey

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    recommendations for breathable white soft brushing boots

    Any recommendations for breathable white soft brushing boots? Affordable, durable, smart, easy to wash. Safe for horse to travel to clinic in, do lesson in, travel home in, without legs cooking or being too sweaty? Current neoprene boots despite washing between uses have irritated legs a...