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    Expert help - revisit fee

    Would you expect an expert who helped you with an issue with your horse to charge the full fee again if you started to experience the exact same problems again less than a year later?
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    BE ballot... How soon will I know?

    Have entered my first BE competition on a ticket and the ballot date has just passed, how will I know if I'm in and how soon? Feeling very impatient!
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    Pre-riding excersies?

    Hi Could anyone recommend some exercises/stretches I could do to limber up before schooling my horse? It has occurred to me recently that I put a lot of effort in to warming up and loosening him off at the start of a session and I should maybe do the same for myself! I also want to...
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    Neue Schule Weymouth - curb hooks wrong way round?!

    I've just bought a NS Starter Weymouth off Ebay but now I have received it the curb hooks look to be the wrong way round, so the open hook end would be against my horse's face if I used it. I have contacted the seller and she says all NS Weymouths are like that, but all the one's I have seen...
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    Where to get a hunting whip?

    I want to get my OH a hunting whip for Christmas, any recommendations for what to go for? Looking on ebay there are a lot of antique ones, would this be better than a new one? Are there any rules re the lash length - I presume he will need a longer one on a gentlemans whip and riding a larger...
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    Urgent Kelsall Hill

    Does anyone know of they ballotted any classes? Thanks!
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    BD Combined Training

    Have just entered my first affiliated combined training competition for next week. Yikes! Wondering if it really was a good idea to go straight in to the novice, but hey ho! I can't seem to find any rules on the BD website re the permitted tack and equipment for the jumping phase, can any one...
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    FAO dressage peeps

    Just wondering if I can do the combined training classes on a ticket?
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    Balloted with a sticker

    Help! I entered on BDWP, how do I use it as a super ballot for my next event??
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    I really could cry, my season so far...

    2008 event season for me so far: Stafford PN - cancelled Sapey PN - cancelled MKEC PN - retired after a fall xc Moreton Morrell - entered N, swaped to PN after the above, cancelled Ascott - ran, came 10th Catton - balloted Shipton Moyne - balloted I am so depressed, could it actually get any...
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    Siggy.... can anyone help!!!

    No idea but can you tell me how to get a pic like you have?!
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    Impulse spurs - how long?

    Does anyone know how long impulse spurs are, and do they come in different lengths?
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    BE rule amendments

    Just browsing BE site and looked at the rule amendments, I'm really glad they have amended PNP so most of the course can be 1.05m. Was interested to see that they have reduced the number of cumulative refusals you can have on the xc to 3 for N and above and 4 for PN and below. Was wondring why...
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    Mixed sex turnout

    Just wondering what people's views are on putting mares and gelgings together in the field are? My horse has got a bit fruity with a mare in a neighbouring field this summer (he's never shown the slightest inckling towards the opposite sex before, everyone used to say he was gay!!). My...
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    Joint supplements

    I am thinking of putting Wal on a joint supplement and was just wondering what people recommend? He has no specific joint problems but just want to protect his joints as much as poss. What do you use, how much is it say, per month, and what does it contain out of these Glucosamine Chontroitin...
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    Monarchs Aristocrat

    Just looked at results for Boekelo, WFP's ride Monarchs Aristocrat has a (D) next to his name and retired on XC, anyone know what happened?
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    Am I the only person wondering why BE don't do a PN-Novice class like they do IN and AI? Or have they ever considered it? I would do them for sure and so would my friends, I think it might encourage a few more people to make the step up. Any thoughts?