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    A little advice??

    Thank you for your reply, that gives me some hope! I just want to make sure he gets to the right home and has the best possible life he can!!
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    A little advice??

    I?d like some advice please? This may be long, sorry!! So, I?ve had my ISH gelding for 4 years. My mum originally bought him as she felt sorry for him. He was neglected, skin and bone, covered in lice and had serious trust issues due to this neglect. Skip to now and he?s a lovely lad, a...
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    Vet injured my horse! Should he pay?

    Yes it was an accident... But shouldn't the vet have kept hold of the rasp?? Had the horse jumped forward, then fell and hit his head against the wall (without the rasp in his mouth) and caused damage to himself, this is just an accident, no one to blame, and owner has to pay. But surely...
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    Please can you send me the list of saddles to avoid :) many thanks! Much appreciated.

    Please can you send me the list of saddles to avoid :) many thanks! Much appreciated.
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    What's the furthest you would travel for a yard?

    I travel 25 minutes every day to my current yard.... There are NO good yards anywhere near me that offer winter turnout so I have no choice but to travel further out. Fo me the travel is a sacrifice I have to make. On bad traffic days it can take 30 minutes +, on good days 20 :) If it...
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    Need a rant and maybe some advice!

    I think there's some excellent advice here that shouldn't be ignored. Good luck OP in whatever you decide, but remember, there are other horses out there. I know you have fallen for this mare, but it would break your heart even more if it turned out you couldnt afford to look after her.
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    Change in behaviour when stabled opinions wanted

    Pretty much 99% of the yards around my area don't offer winter grazing!! 30 minutes turnout in a sand paddock is apparently "more than adequate"... very sad :( Needless to say, I travel a 30 mile round trip to a yard that does offer winter grazing. I wouldn?t have it any other way. OP, you...
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    A genuine livery question

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    Rein snatching - advice please!

    Sorry to be a bit stupid... But what is "bridging your reins"???
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    Rubbing girth! Advice please :)

    Oh brill! I'll give that a go as well :) Thanks! Bless him, he's a bit of a softie!!
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    Rubbing girth! Advice please :)

    hmm, so sheepskin is out... and Lambswool is in then?!
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    Rubbing girth! Advice please :)

    Hi everyone, So, my boy gets rather sweaty round his girth area andsuffered last year with his girth rubbing :( Initially I thought it must be his saddle, so got that checked, and had a new one fitted 5 months ago and it was re checked last month and that's perfect. I also searched and...
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    Will feeding a Balancer help mud fever??

    Ahhh, I see! Ok brill, I shall order online and got for the Forage Plus or the Pro balance :) Thanks very much everyone!! Much appreciated :D
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    Will feeding a Balancer help mud fever??

    Thank you so much for your replies, I didn't realise garlic was useless!! How annoying! I've just bought a HUGE tub of it! I'll see if I can take it back! Lol! So we're thinking come off the happy hoof, replace with a different chop and go for the Balancer! So, is there going to be a...
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    Will feeding a Balancer help mud fever??

    Hi all!! Ok so my lad has suffered from mud fever this winter (no surprise really I guess!), but after reading another post, someone mentioned that after feeding their horse a balancer, their horse didn't suffer anymore! My lad is a bit on the portly side, so all he gets is haylege, happy...
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    Another ??? Advert

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    Selling a fizzy horse that might buck?? What to do??

    Thank you for your replies. We have stated this in all of the adverts and will have witnesses for when we explain the behavior before she gets on as well. We'll also make sure we state this on the receipt. Thanks again for your replies. Fingers crossed!! :D x
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    Selling a fizzy horse that might buck?? What to do??

    Hi everyone! Ok, so my friend is selling her horse and he can be fizzy and have moments where he'll spook, or chuck in a buck or bronk. We have people to come and view him this week and they are aware of this. BUT - Should we get them to sign something before they get on?? Is this normal...
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    Private or Livery Yard - Such a hard decision!!!

    It would be a no brainer for me, but I would stay where you are... I would hate to be on my own and love having people around me to have fun with and hack with and just generally ask for advice! Being on a private yard on my own would be my worst nightmare. But that is personal choice and...
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    Cloudy eyes, runny nose PLEASE HELP!!!

    Soooooooo..... What did the vet say????
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    How long do you need to give notice at your yard?

    The yard I'm on now, whether you pay weekly, monthy, or fortnightly, asks for 2 weeks notice. This was the same at my last yard. The yard before that was as others have mentioned. If you paid monthly, it was a months notice, If you paid weekly, a weeks notice... Can you ask another livery...
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    How long to settle into a new yard?

    It took me a good month and a half to properly settle at my new yard. When I first moved, I really wasn't sure at about the new yard at all to be honest!! It was big, and different and scary!!! I loved my last yard, but had to move for the benefit of my boy. However, after about a month and a...
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    How much to feed horse on box rest...

    Thanks for that :) I'll stick to 9kg then, and soak as well. A friend also mentioned I could give him a big dinner of bran mash to fill him up at night. It's got now calories so figured that could be another option for him to snack on if he's hugry. He used to get bran and plain chop...
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    How much to feed horse on box rest...

    I can soak his hay, and will, but am concerned about giving him ad lib as he'll balloon and really don't want to risk lami!! I've bought some greedy feeder nets and am also putting another regular small holed net over that. This has slowed him down loads, which is great, and is keeping him...
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    How much to feed horse on box rest...

    So, my boy is on box rest for the next 4 week as he's got mild damage to his suspensory ligament and digital flexor tendon sheath... He has had steroid injections on his leg, which is fine, but the vet said to keep an eye on his diet as obvious fears of lami following the injections. She...
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    Recommend: re-schooling for sales livery ? North West (Preston)

    She is bred for Dressage, I can't remember her breeding but it's very good. She has fantastic paces and will go far with the right person. I'll contact Gill and Astrid, thank you :) Thank you for this, I will contact them as well. The longer list I can get, the best chance she will have of...
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    Recommend: re-schooling for sales livery ? North West (Preston)

    Thank you! That'll give her some hope :) If she can fine someone that can live with the 'quirks' she could be amazingly talented in the right hands... Who knows, with the right raining, she may have no 'quirks'! Just got to find the right place for her to go for the right training! Thanks...