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  1. jumbyjack

    The dangers of horse shopping

    Not just me then, I typed bi**h with dirty vulva!!! Oh dear, results were eeeek!
  2. jumbyjack

    Foal Update.....

    On my word, she is beautiful!
  3. jumbyjack

    Do you give nicknames to your dogs??

    Laska is Rat Face or Poop Doggy Dog.
  4. jumbyjack

    Yellow lead?

    Laska has a yellow lead with 'nervous ' printed in black letters, gets totally ignored by the she won't be nervous of meeee brigade. My old dog went deaf and wore a tabard saying I'm deaf' which resulted in people talking to me very slowly with exaggerated mouth movements. They were a tad...
  5. jumbyjack

    "some dogs just don't speak dog"

    My little dog hasn't a clue how to behave or react around other dogs. She will cringe and wee and then snap like a crocodile, she does not speak dog for sure! She's another who clearly missed out on the puppy play.
  6. jumbyjack

    Giving a dog bute

    Thanks all, I will give her a heads up when I see her!
  7. jumbyjack

    Giving a dog bute

    I met a young woman with a Leonberger, as she knew I had a mini shet she was asking how much bute i would give a mini as she was trying to work out the dose for her dog! Even though the dog at 15 .months was considerably bigger than my shet i said I did not think dogs should be given bute...
  8. jumbyjack

    Horse eating ragwort

    Maybe get the horse on liver aid to minimise damage, feedmark sell it.
  9. jumbyjack

    Anyone do horse agility?

    For the arch i used blue pipe, don't know if it's gas or water and stuck the ends in traffic cones. For the curtain i used push fit water pipes shoved into patio umbrella things filled with water. All stuff can be sourced from diy shops or charity shops really cheaply. It's great fun, my mini...
  10. jumbyjack

    Should have gone to specsavers!

    Ha Ha, she doesn't care, I did a good job on her face so she looks well cute. Fortunately she is white so the attack of the scissor hands kind of blends unless up close then it becomes dire. :)
  11. jumbyjack

    Should have gone to specsavers!

    Laska looked like an exploded mattress and a very dirty one at that! I decided to clip her, I can usually make a good job of her but I was forgotten that my right hand has lousy grip and lots of pain at the moment. How I could forget in the blink of an eye something that is giving me endless...
  12. jumbyjack

    Fear of wind?

    Yup! Laska is very scared of the wind but the thundershirt really does help even with creaking trees that used send her hysterical!
  13. jumbyjack

    Dog boots!

    We have snow, ice and of course grit, Laska has very sensitive feet and even though I use paw wax she can still have problems which leads to her holding up various paws and shrieking like a banshee. Can anyone recommend waterproof boots that will stay on tiny little feet?
  14. jumbyjack

    What sort of dog is that

    Radar my GS x Spaniel looked like a black shepard, I would tell people he was a Palindrome, surprising how many nodded wisely!
  15. jumbyjack

    Very odd behaviour

    Her head size is the problem with a flat collar, it just comes off. She has a yellow 'nervous' lead which people seem to regard as a challenge kind of insisting 'she won't be frightened of me'. I have had to be quite rude at times to fend pushy people off her.
  16. jumbyjack

    Very odd behaviour

    So sorry I haven't responded to your post Skinnydipper, things have been going pear shaped with my horse and my brain stopped. Your post made a lot of sense but even more of a problem now is that Laska was jumped on by a St Bernard puppy the size of a water buffalo with owners who had nil...
  17. jumbyjack

    Pictures How’s this for defying the laws of gravity?!

    Wow, an amazing photo!
  18. jumbyjack

    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Aww the gelderlander, I do love a good fugly!
  19. jumbyjack

    No Olympia Thread?!

    I did not like the Friesians at all, they looked seriously unhappy and very sweaty. Didn't like the guys tearing about and climbing all over their peed off looking horses. The kiddie jumping was dire, bouncing about, long stirrups with feet thrust toe down, horrible to watch apart from the...
  20. jumbyjack

    Hips and Mounting Problems

    As Romany said a high mounting block makes things so much easier. I could not have continued riding as long as I did without it.
  21. jumbyjack

    Very odd behaviour

    Now there's a thing, she has a thundershirt, I'll give it a try!
  22. jumbyjack

    Proud Puppy Picture

    Oh how seriously cute, well done Roxie!
  23. jumbyjack


    Next time anyone offers me a silver sufer computer course I will be very rude and make the point that I was using computers before your mummy was born sonny! Now it's silver cyclist!!!! I did take serious exception to the doctors records indicating that I enjoyed light exercise, made it sound...
  24. jumbyjack

    Very odd behaviour

    On dear! I tried to carry Laska past a sticking point and she had a total panic attack. Trying to hang on to 10kg of freaking out dog is not ideal, once back at the car she dived into her crate, turned round and asked for a treat with her tail wagging happily. She obviously feels very safe in...
  25. jumbyjack

    Very odd behaviour

    Some very useful points there Aru, Laska came to me at 7 months and it's clear she was never taken out or socialized in any way. Four years later she will still freak out at odd things and knows nothing about behaviour with other dogs and people trying to talk to her frighten her. She's a very...
  26. jumbyjack

    Very odd behaviour

    It does sound similar, I just never know when or where it will happen. She is rather odd in many ways, rescue dogs can be a challange!
  27. jumbyjack

    Very odd behaviour

    Laska will happily set off on a walk, either on foot or taking her somewhere in the car. Somtimes she's fine and will go for miles, other times she will go so far and then stop dead then turn around and scuttle for home, fortunately she is always on a lead as she has nil recall. Occasionally she...
  28. jumbyjack

    Scary riding school story (long post)

    An old fashioned school teacher style instructor had stables in the church drive, her posh shrieks could be heard throughout the church service. She then moved to her own yard with an indoor 'school' made out of old sheds and bits of wood as was the stabling. There were also wooden posts...
  29. jumbyjack

    The dog you want? or love the one you're with :)

    I adore my insane screaming agoraphobic bonkers intelligent cute fluffy Parson Russell. Would add a Border Collie and a Shih tzu as a wish list!
  30. jumbyjack

    I joy ride machine

    I have the medicarn version, the seat is much bigger and more horse like but the similarity ends there because it's manic to sit on and not a remotely horse type movement. It made a huge difference to my hips and core though but even the warmup is savage! It's big, heavy and noisy so lives in...