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  1. Dave's Mam

    Found effective Fly spray 😁

    I have been using Hedgewitch Icaridan with success.
  2. Dave's Mam

    Video Making progress 😀

  3. Dave's Mam

    Why do some horses not get fat?

    Some ponies burn off energy even in the field. Dave plays a lot, he and his herd are not constantly eating, they play, snooze and groom. Obviously, this active lifestyle takes its toll. Knackered.
  4. Dave's Mam

    Leather restoration

    @cremedemonthe on here does a really good leather care dressing.
  5. Dave's Mam

    What on earth do i do with this pony?

    Would it be right to say that those have a neurological issue?
  6. Dave's Mam

    Adults riding exmoors

    Mine's in a 16 inch Heather Moffett Flexee.
  7. Dave's Mam

    Adults riding exmoors

    I am 5'3 and my Exmoor is 13.1hh, so above the "preferred" height range, but doesn't exclude us from showing. He's quite long in front with a great length of rein. He's by Darshill Sunfire, Ex Frithesden Singing Grass, who is a big mare herself. He's a chunky lad.
  8. Dave's Mam

    Goodbye my friend

    Bless you. Big hug.
  9. Dave's Mam

    Before and after shots

    Thank you! He's an utter tank. Your pony is so pretty! <3
  10. Dave's Mam

    Before and after shots

    Gorgeous pony! Here's Dave the day he arrived, a little teeny 3 yr old off the moor. And now, a great big chunky boy.
  11. Dave's Mam

    Hay crop looks good, then ...

    Yep, the all you can eat moving buffet has been reduced!
  12. Dave's Mam

    What breed is he?

    Heinz 57.
  13. Dave's Mam

    How many of you use round pens and what for?

    If you look back on Dave's page on FB, you can see how a round pen was used as a place of security. Familiar to him, where new things always started. No chasing, no stress.
  14. Dave's Mam

    Hay crop looks good, then ...

    Ours (yard) was cut yesterday & turned today. Hope the dry spell holds out for baling.
  15. Dave's Mam

    Rest in Peace, Ned

    RIP Ned. Glad you are away & your mind is busy. Big love to you.
  16. Dave's Mam

    Hat with removable lining

    I have a Uvex & a Pro 2 plus, both have removable & washable liners.
  17. Dave's Mam

    How do I discipline something that retaliates worse when told off?? Long post!

    Just a thought. I used to work for the police, in the control room & on a night shift, the Dog Man would often stop by for a break. a coffee & to let the dogs stretch their legs & do a bit of training round the office. Initially they come in as normal dogs, happy to see everyone, cuddles...
  18. Dave's Mam

    Could this be the one?

    I will keep you posted, but Dave went really well in it today.
  19. Dave's Mam

    Could this be the one?

    They are fab.
  20. Dave's Mam

    Could this be the one?

    He had his head up in the air being nosy at someone walking past, might make it look odd. Got this today out hacking, but my hacking buddies are 19hh so probably not the best angle.
  21. Dave's Mam

    Could this be the one?

    Finally. My Heather Moffett FlexEE saddle all fitted & ready to go. Sorry FatBoy, the holiday is over.
  22. Dave's Mam

    Goodbye my perfect Lily life is so cruel

    What a terrible shock. Thinking of you all.
  23. Dave's Mam

    Can anybody tell me the make of this saddle?

    It looks like a coat of arms.
  24. Dave's Mam

    Stinky Stuff- is it any good?

    But yes, Stinky Stuff is just Neem under a more expensive label.
  25. Dave's Mam

    Stinky Stuff- is it any good?

    Burnt farts, or burned peanuts to me.
  26. Dave's Mam

    Stinky Stuff- is it any good?

    Keeps the beasties & the general public away from you, as well as the ponies. I am fairly sure I am immune to the smell now.
  27. Dave's Mam

    Drying feathers

    Nothing to add, except said cob is absolutely lush.
  28. Dave's Mam

    Happy 7th Birthday Darshill Banshee!

    I'm afraid he didn't, as I am crap & forgot to stop at the shop. He did get an extra handful of chaff & was allowed to have TWO treats set on the scary tractor trailer.
  29. Dave's Mam

    Having a bit of a wobble!

    Oldie, go for it, enjoy. What's the worst that can happen, at least you are out doing your thing!
  30. Dave's Mam

    Having a bit of a wobble!

    But we go to Camp & have a whale of a time!