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  1. Faracat

    Can anyone help with some ponies? Preston, Lancashire.

    I saw this ad and thought that I would post it here just in case someone on here is in the area and can help.
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    Something to read

    I just found this site when looking for an answer for a different thread.
  3. Faracat

    Would this annoy you if you were selling a horse?
  4. Faracat

    It was a follicular cycst.

    I'm so glad that she's recovered so well. :)
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    My chestnut mare is freezemarked and she is very fine skinned and sensitive. They adjusted the time that the markers were held on to allow for that (a shorter time than normal) and a few treats were enough to easily keep her distracted while it was done.
  6. Faracat

    Welsh D's - do they all dish?!

    I think of this video whenever dishing is discussed. You can see that the (desirable for the breed - Peruvian Paso) 'termino' movement comes from the shoulder. It still looks a bit odd to me and I've watched videos of Pasos a few times. Maybe I need to see it IRL to really understand it?
  7. Faracat

    Should novice riders be banned?

    Surely novices are fine as long as they only ride Cobs until they become more experienced and can then graduate on to a 'proper' horse? :p ;)
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    A hornet (?) is hounding my horse

    I suspect that you saw one of these. I managed to squash one the other day that was harassing my chestnut mare. We have a lot of Hornets here and they have never bothered with the horses. The Hornets are brighter yellow and much slimmer, they really look like a giant Wasp and this giant horse...
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    Welcome to the forum. :D
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    Tell we what you see , besides a lame pony

    I have seen a horse stretch like this with the forelimbs out stretched and the chest practically on the ground while awake (so this probably isn't the case for your horse, but I feel that I should mention it just incase) and it was due to pain from encysted redworms.
  11. Faracat

    Am I being unreasonable?

    What about the special horse safe chain link fencing added to your post and rail?
  12. Faracat

    Protect open wound from flies

    She's healed well in the photo but you can still see the yellow stains. She cut herself up badly (broke through a fence). Edit to fix photo.
  13. Faracat

    Protect open wound from flies

    Yes, just slap it on. :)
  14. Faracat

    Breyer - model/toy horses, real horses and cruelty

    No problem. :) I did say something on the thread though as people were believing it.
  15. Faracat

    Breyer - model/toy horses, real horses and cruelty

    I'm an idiot. I checked the thread. Apparently driving horses that aren't docked is a safety issue.
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    I love them too. :D :D :D
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    There's a sad one on Preloved, a Welsh free to good home at 28 yo. :(
  18. Faracat

    Protect open wound from flies

    I also vote for that bright yellow summer fly cream it worked a treat when my grey had open wounds that were much bigger than the one in the photo.
  19. Faracat

    Help needed! I want my pony back

    I don't like the term 'permanent loan' and I don't understand why it seems to have replaced 'full loan'?
  20. Faracat

    Pony potential - showing - Dun welsh section A

    Boys! :D Mine can be a twit too. I've never seen a horse prance about and show off as much as when a neighbour bought her gelding over and mine was pretty much saying to the girls 'don't look at him, look at meeeeeeeee, I'm the best, most handsome *cough* and masculine *double cough* horse...
  21. Faracat

    Pony potential - showing - Dun welsh section A

    Any good? 3yo sec A filly.
  22. Faracat

    Basic carriage driving question

    That's a very kind offer, thanks so much Rara. Unfortunately I'm a bit far away. That is such a pretty pony K Kat. :)
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    Breyer - model/toy horses, real horses and cruelty

    I think that it's appropriate to post some of the Arab Horse Society showing rules. These only apply to shows in the UK of course. I think that they are reasonable rules to have given what goes on elsewhere. I had never heard about braces being used on Arabs. :( I personally much prefer...
  24. Faracat

    Saddle help - nothing fits...

    I had a lot of trouble finding a saddle for my anglo. In the end the 3rd saddler I tried popped a saddle on that was being sold at my yard because the saddle was there and the horse was there, so why not? Thankfully it fitted. It is a Jeffries Elite jumping saddle, not really what I was after as...
  25. Faracat

    Basic carriage driving question

    If I decide to go down the driving route I will definitely remember all of these sensible tips. Thanks. :)
  26. Faracat

    Discouraging crows?

    Ooops... it seems that the madness is catching via the typed word. :D
  27. Faracat

    Discouraging crows?

    Every time I see this thread I miss read the title as 'discouraging cows'. I know it is about birds spreading horse poo, but the image of Daisy the Jersey or Ermintrude the Holstein saying 'oh no, I wouldn't do that if I were you... it'll end badly' etc... just keeps popping into my head. I...
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    Basic carriage driving question

    At the moment I just want to try it and see if I like it or not. I didn't want to turn up to a lesson and not be able to get in the carriage as it would be slightly (understatement LOL) embarrassing. *blushes*
  29. Faracat

    Letting someone else compete your horse

    It's time to just say 'no' and stay firm.
  30. Faracat

    Basic carriage driving question

    I love the crochet seat cover. :)