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    Treating racehorses in training for ulcers

    Suggestions for ulcers for pointers in training/ competition to ease pain and distress. Interested in people’s suggestions of things they find work.
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    Feeding for racing p2p’ing

    Hi I’m interested on the feeding what people feed their horses regarding training for point to pointing. Every one is different and I’d like to know what methods work for healthy horses.
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    Taking energy out my horse

    Hi looking to take the energy out of my horses diet to try help myself riding him as he’s very busy at the moment. He’s 500kg roughly and he’s been out of work a while but with his food, hay and grass is very well in himself at the moment. What would people suggest, open to any help. Over summer...
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    Head tossing on one rein

    Hi, my horse is head tossing and throwing his head very high when being asked to take a left hand lead. Fine on one but on the other does this, want to hack out but the tossing is putting me off at the moment. Teeth and massage has been done a couple of months back, trying to ride it out of him...
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    Horse problem

    Hi I’ve had a pointer/ hunter since October and I rode him daily from the start for 5 weeks to get him in shape before I had problems. I had problems with head tossing and head as high as possible like he’s going to rear in pain, cantered on the road until I bailed out then got back on and he...
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    In work thoroughbred feeding, what do you feed yours?

    Fit thoroughbred in work that lives out at grass, what do you feed yours?
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    Ideally should you feed a horse less over summer?

    I've recently got my first horse and he is out at field all day every day in a 12 acre field. Should I be cutting his food intake down over the summer as he's grazing all day?