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    Hip replacement

    As well as doing physio to help my recovery from my hip operation I also bought a second hand iJoy machine which sort of mimics a horse’s action. I still use it now on the days that I ride as it helps open up my hips (the other hip is still dodgy). As a bonus it improves core strength.
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    Hip replacement

    Go for it 👍
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    Annoying advert

    Is anyone else getting a large pop up Godzilla advert which gets in the way???
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    Probelms with Forums website

    I also have to press the back button several times although I find it easier to go out of the site and back in again. Very annoying. I am using Safari on an iPad.
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    Best way of stopping a saddle slipping on a round native?

    One thing that I have found that works with my rather round cob whose saddle slipped to the right was to ensure that the final tightening of the girth was always done from the off side. I think I was inadvertently moving it slightly to the right by tightening girth up on the near side.
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    Tri-Tec is it worth the ££?

    My pony absolutely hates the crab flies that we get in the New Forest. He just doesn’t know what to do with himself if he gets one on him. Using Tri-Tec means he is rideable. He came from outside of the Forest a few years ago and so I am hoping that over time he will get more used to them.
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    Top tips to keep new car clean??

    Rubber floor mats
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    Forum won't work with Microsoft Edge

    Ditto the problem with the site being slow on Safari.
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    Laminitis getting me down

    Which Cushings test did the pony have? Mine showed normal on the standard test but on the TRH test her levels were very high. She is now doing well on Prascend but has to have the TRH test every time to avoid false negatives.
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    Riding after hip replacement.

    I had my hip replacement six years ago due to osteoarthritis and hack out three times a week. My advice would be to follow the physio exercises to the letter. It made an amazing difference to my life. (I will be 70 next year) The other hip is still dodgy but not nearly as bad as the other one...
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    Saddle cloth/pad query

    Ah, good point. It is a GP saddle. I guess I need to keep searching for a straighter GP version.
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    Saddle cloth/pad query

    I have a cob with quite large shoulders, low withers and a flat back. I feel that my current saddle cloth is a bit too shaped at the front thereby covering part of his shoulders. I was considering whether a dressage one would fit better being more straight cut but having never used one before I...
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    Best turnout rugs for a cob with big shoulders/chest and bum

    The Big Horse Shop rugs fit my chunky boy well. (He is not the one in my photos)
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    Poultice experts - advice wanted

    Many thanks for your informative replies. Having read them I will stick with the conventional method. :-)
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    Poultice experts - advice wanted

    I am caring for my friends mare while she is abroad on holiday. Just before she left the mare caught her hoof in something and now has a vertical split a few inches away from the heel. She lives out 24/7 and is shod. We are 99% certain that she has now developed an abscess (she is prone to...
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    Argh...crab flies

    I use Tri Tec 14 on my cob who came from outside the New Forest and didn’t know what to do with himself the first time one landed on him.
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    Old horse worries

    Also recommended the TRH test. My pony came back negative several times with the other test. She then had to stay at the vets for a few days and seeing her close up for a period of time convinced the vets that she had PPID. The TRH confirmed this. She is now on Prascend and doing fine in...
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    So why are sellers not honest

    They just want to get rid ...
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    Interesting worming mystery

    Makes interesting reading ...
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    Rubber matting in stable gone really slippy

    Jeyes fluid also gets rid of algae. We use it on our paths which get slippy and slimy in winter.
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    Rubber matting in stable gone really slippy

    Try diluted Jeyes fluid.
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    Help please. Stable name required

    Bella Millie Honey
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    Programme on Builth Wells Welsh Cob Sales

    BBC1 Coast and Country Auctions Was on today at 15.45 so should soon be a available on Catch Up or it is on again on Saturday 10th March at 15.15.
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    Masta turnout rug sizing

    That would make sense. My other pony has a 5ft 9in Weatherbeeta rug which I tried on him and my guess was that it was two sizes too small.
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    Masta turnout rug sizing

    Hmmmm .... curious!
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    Masta turnout rug sizing

    Thanks Faracat. I didn’t know that they were made by Harry Hall.
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    Masta turnout rug sizing

    I have borrowed a Masta turnout rug for my cob. It is fairly old and the label has faded but I can see that it shows a measurement of 140 cm along the top. What does this equate to in U.K. sizing? The friend that I have borrowed it from thought it was 6ft but it seems larger than that to me.
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    Fed up of this weather!

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    Fed up of this weather!

    Only if he has his own mask and snorkel! Standard equipment here. 😳
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    Fed up of this weather!

    Our poo picking is currently being done with a sturdy trug on a sledge. May be worth considering using a sledge to carry the hay?