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    Would you be mad if someone opened your birthday cards?

    So non horsey but I don't have anyone to chat too that won't cause conflict so need outside opinions. Both me and my partner are self employed and we make good money but I literally Go weeks without anything as being self employed means we get paid all over the place! Had to pay the...
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    Sarcoids anyone experienced them?

    I have been given a mare with a sarcoids right on the girth area. It was size of golf ball. I have the brown cream to put on it daily for 7 days which was given to me with her and provided by vet. It dries up and then some skin falls off and scab leaving it bloody and fleshy and then it...
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    New horse won't settle help!

    I have a new 6 year old tb. Even though all vaccines are up to date and the yard she came from travel to big shows so are professional screened she has to stay in for 2 weeks. Problem she has never been stabled overnight before and always lived out! Help! I cannot settle her and she has...
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    Young horse training issues

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    Replacing trailer floor help please

    Hi there guys I have an old rice pony trailer that needs the floor replacing. Can anyone recommend where you buy the wood flooring from please. Also can anyone give me rough costs of buying the wood to just taking it to a trailer place for them to do please. Kind regards
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    Can anyone tellme feeds that contain soya or rye please

    My horses allergy test came up positive to rye and soya so can anyone come up with feeds/treats that contains these ingredients please as been looking on Internet and its coming up with all sorts and some treats don't have listed ingredients Thank you guys
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    Can anyone recommend a 5* breaking & schooling yard?

    Hi everyone and thank you for looking. I'm wondering anyone can help me out. I have a 14.2hh Arab x coloured mare who has come from a neglected background. She is amazing with me due to allot of hard work and persistence. I had he broken in at our yard but I was not happy with the way they...
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    Horse skin issue, blood tests high liver enzyme. Need advice as worried :(

    Hi guys sorry for posting a new thread as really worried and I'm stressing:( Rose my 4 year old coloured mare has been having itchy skin. Treated for mites and worms, changed bedding etc... Rose is my baby wen she first arrived noone could touch her, she wanted to say hi but didnt trust anyone...
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    how do you add pictures on here?

    how do you add pictures to this thing without adding an url? am lol
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    Mare has become afraid to be in field after accident

    Hi guys just after some thoughts My mare was in an accident where she spooked at something in the field and barged through the gate taking down the fence ran over the muck heap outer of the gate onto the road and fell on her knee exposing the bone, she then got up jumped the quad and ran a...
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    Horse skin problems vet is puzzled

    I bought a 4 year old mare from sales. She is Arab x white and black. Her skin looked sunburnt when I first got her on the white patches and sorted it but the bad patch left thinner skin. I thought nuthing off it until I brought her in for winter She started itching all over and...