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    Help! - bit advice

    I currently ride my horse in a cheltenham gag, She is SOOOOOOO strong! i went out hunting the weekend and had no control what so ever! she got up other horses bums and i ended up being kicked because of having no breaks or direction. i wondered what people think would be better and stronger as i...
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    Horse ID tags (identification tags)

    Today a friend and I both fell off our horses cause of inconsiderate bike riders who came flying past, both out horses bolted and were lost in the woods for an hour. An old woman found us heading out the forest and told us they had run past her house into the road. Thankfully they were ok...
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    Could someone explain how I would apply exercise and travel bandages or are they the same(I know how to apply stable bandages)
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    Fractured scapular!

    3 weeks ago now I found my horse in his stable, he usually loves his food ad would do anything for it but on this night he wouldn't move, he seemed paralysed. I got the vet out and we found an 8 cm puncture wound to his shoulder. Anyway a week later he was no better so was sent to three counties...
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    how to apply bandages

    I've been looking on the internet into how to apply exercise and stable bandages. I find videos/explinations but then see comments from people saying how there doing it wrong. SO...How do you apply exercise AND stable bandages in the RIGHT way!!?!? Links or personal explinations :)
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    What temperatures for horse rugs?

    ive been trying to find some kind of chart on the internet to give an idea of what weight rugs horses should have on at different temperatures ( look back some years and wonder if they should have had heavier rugs on ) eg. medium weight - 10 down to 5 degrees c heavy weight - 4 down...
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