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  1. Beausmate

    Does anyone know of any land/stables to rent or livery in and around bickington, liverton, ilsington,Denbury, ashburton, Bovey type area?

    That's quite a wide area. You might want to have a look at the notice boards in Red Post, Mole Valley and Tuckers. There seem to be a few places around at the moment. How many horses do you have? I'm moving out from my yard soon, but it's probably too far out of your area.
  2. Beausmate

    In-hand showing outfits.....Why so frumpy and 80s??!

    Probably depends on the public school attended.....
  3. Beausmate

    Chestnuts and ergots

    My dog decided not to wait and started nibbling the hind ergots on our cob. Luckily cob is a superstar and didn't boot her! Cob's end up with hair stuck through them, so she has curly, gnarled, hairy ergots :oops:
  4. Beausmate


    We've got loads of it at home. Absolutely nothing in the horses' field....... Can't think why? Must not be feeding the fat sods enough :p
  5. Beausmate

    Is she true black?

    I'd say black.
  6. Beausmate

    Is she true black?

    I'd say yours is black, OP.
  7. Beausmate

    Is she true black?

    Fading black Seal bay.
  8. Beausmate

    The 2019 Badminton XC Thread

    Has Oliver's horse pulled a shoe off?
  9. Beausmate

    Microchips, do they burn

    OH (software engineer) reckons that due to some of the chip components (such as aluminum) being adversely affected by heat, it would no longer function. They look a bit like glass rice grains. Not sure what kind of glass they are encapsulated in, but that may well be destroyed too. Curiouser...
  10. Beausmate

    Hairy Cushings Pony

    Tried that. The blades either skimmed over the top, or jammed, depending on the length and moisture content! And yes, they are very sharp blades. I ended up just lightly passing the blades through the coat enough to take off a layer, and then came back to that area when it had dried out. A...
  11. Beausmate

    Hairy Cushings Pony

    Clipping was a nightmare! She was so sweaty, my clippers broke under the strain of chewing through wet, sticky, mammoth hair!
  12. Beausmate

    Hairy Cushings Pony

    Clipped our shaggy monster over the weekend. Much, much more comfortable. She is moulting like mad, but as she has so much to lose, she has been really sweating up and it's not fair on her to wait for her to lose it naturally. She lives out and has done, unrugged all winter.
  13. Beausmate

    WWYD? Concerns

    I'd call WHW. Someone reported me to them a couple of years ago and I had a nice chat on the phone with the chap who had visited (he'd had a look while I wasn't there and left a note on the gate) who said that they always follow up a call. He asked a few questions about what was going on and...
  14. Beausmate

    Lame old boy and bute test

    I think your horse is telling you. "However, the past few months he has become more stroppy, unpredictable and sometimes aggressive...." Don't leave it too long. My horse went two days too long really, it couldn't be helped at the time but I wish he could have gone before he had a couple of...
  15. Beausmate

    Latest hideous Dog Attack

    I have a theory on the 'abandoned poo bag' issue. Not all, but most of the stray bags around here (there is even a trail of them to be regularly found, that leads to the bin - just why?!) appear to be the biodegradable type, and I reckon some of the idiots think it's ok to leave them (as it is...
  16. Beausmate

    Chainsawing - Standing on a horse!

    Disgraceful! Horses are too damn accident prone to be allowed to operate chainsaws...
  17. Beausmate

    Broncing Pony - In Pain or Just Naughty?!

    Given his age and the time of year, I'd also want a vet to check his feet out.
  18. Beausmate

    Yard owner doesn't let us use trailer locks!?

    I used to lock my trailer, I would have been more than happy to have unlocked it if it had needed moving. The YO moved it with the loader on his tractor and couldn't see why I had a problem with that. I took it home, and to hell with the neighbours! Had I not been able to do that, I would...
  19. Beausmate

    Needing a kick up the backside. Elderly dog anaesthesia.

    Gratuitous photo of the patient, just because.... :p
  20. Beausmate

    Needing a kick up the backside. Elderly dog anaesthesia.

    My 12 year old Rottie had her spleen removed yesterday. She is much, much more perky today! It is her 4th GA, 2nd as a 'senior citizen' and every time she has been absolutely fine with it. Although she is running out of body parts.....
  21. Beausmate

    Rice Beaufort Treble - Parts (online supplier anywhere?)

    As Leo Walker says, it really depends on which parts and also the age of the trailer. I have a 40 year old Beaufort that I did an overhaul on a couple of years ago, it has bigger hubs than the later ones and we found it took a bit of hunting to get brake shoes for it. The expanders for the...
  22. Beausmate

    Feather Mites and Ivermectin/Dectomax

    I have had great success with the Dectomax and neem washes on clipped legs. I have also had good results with the ivermectin wash. If you use a wash, be sure to go right up the whole leg and along the belly. Apparently the mites transfer when the horse lies down and just reinfect the legs...
  23. Beausmate


    It's a Tasmanian devil! :D Super cute!
  24. Beausmate

    HM FlexEE GP

    The FlexEE isn't treeless, it has a leather tree and rides and fits like a treed saddle. I find mine very comfy and the panels are soft, so you should be fine with a thin saddlecloth/numnah, just like you would with a 'normal' saddle.
  25. Beausmate


    Yes. Took a couple of weeks on prednisolone to mostly sort him out, then a couple of months before he was almost back to normal. I suspect he had some mini strokes in the couple of years following. He was put down yesterday at the age of 15. It was something neurological that brought his...
  26. Beausmate

    Latest info on lami in general...?

    I found with my PPID horse (rubbish feet anyway!) that he was fine as long as the change wasn't sudden. So I could let him eat frosty stuff as long as he had gone out before it froze. Same with new grazing, I had to be really careful to introduce him slowly or he would go footy but once he was...
  27. Beausmate

    4x4s that are not AWD

    It was known to be a problem on the Calibra 4x4. It's an unreliable system and not the norm for most AWD vehicles.
  28. Beausmate

    Boots for arthritic paws?

    After recommendations for some boots for my creaky Grottweiler. Warm and soft, but resilient, and waterproof would be good too. Must also open out for insertion of boneless, floppy paws (how do they do that?!) and stay put once on. Any suggestions/ones to avoid? Thanks!
  29. Beausmate

    What do you think of these vet charges

    Sounds expensive to me. Does the vaccination fee include the vet's time, or are you looking at £73.20 for a flu jab?