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  1. DabDab

    Tell we what you see , besides a lame pony

    Well if he's as sleep deprived as he seems from that video you posted up thread I'd not be surprised by him having the odd random overreaction to a strange stimuli - I know I do when I'm sleep deprived.
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    Mid year goal setting

    Just wanted to say that I quietly love reading about your endurance. I would really love to do some competitive endurance at some point but just don't have the time to put in the miles at the moment, so I always look for your posts in the weekend plans thread.
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    Advice needed: Getting people to shut up when you're there to see your horses?

    Stop her next time she's talking on and say "I'm really sorry, I think I must've given out the wrong impression, I'm really not very nice, and I don't like people"
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    Would this annoy you if you were selling a horse?

    Yep, you'll get used to the slim up front thing. When I first backed my little mare after riding my big horse for so long it felt like I was riding a knife hanging off a cliff edge. Now she feels more normal and secure to ride than he does - it's so much easier to balance and manoeuvre a narrow...
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    Oh my yes, I can imagine Marty posts cause the internet to have a swoon attack 😍. Does he post pictures of a Martini at breakfast time?
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    Are greyhounds really into using Facebook then? 😜 On another note - 'gotcha day' - that phrase is terrible too. Sorry x
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    😂 I think we have a thread winner
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    Yes 'fur kids/babies' is vomit worthy. My westie generally gets called (and answers to) variations on 'grub', for obvious reasons. One of these variations is 'baby grubskins', so I guess that's probably as bad as 'fur babies'🙈
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    Patterdale x husky

    Yikes. I do hope the mother was the husky. Can't imagine what such a critter would be useful for other than causing chaos
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    Anyone feeding this year’s hay yet?

    Yes, on my first bale this week - mixed with the old for a few days just because one of mine has a bit of a sensitive digestion, but other than that...
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    Should novice riders be banned?

    Spacehopper novice innit
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    Should novice riders be banned?

    😂😂 Oh guys, what fun you had last night. What an obsequious bunch of sycophants you are xx Though it has been an educational read - I now understand completely why people own cobs and why Milliepops has a strawberry coloured pony
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    Should novice riders be banned?

    Yes, absolutely, teach them to vault first. If they snivel then they can be shot
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    Video This blew my brains just a little bit...

    Wow, that's beautiful. I want to play!
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    It's finally happened!!!

    Amazing news! Congratulations x
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    Knowing when to stop

    😂. Tbf, robots aren't that expensive, it is the CT technology that will cost the big bucks, but I guess for a surgery that is looking to renew their CT equipment anyway then .....ah who am I kidding, the insurance companies will whack up premiums just because things look new and shiny. Really...
  17. DabDab

    Riding really badly....

    Yep, absolutely. And not just with horses, I get it with everything. It's completely psychological for me and the more I try the worse I get. The only cure I've found for it is to do something completely different for a period and then when I come back to whatever it was I have become magically...
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    Another saddle q... sorry!!

    Sounds bizarre that they haven't taken details. Even the saddle fitters I've had that I didn't rate have at least asked what I was after beforehand. Tbh it doesn't sound like a great set up for you anyway - you won't be able to make much of a judgement if your horse is likely to be tense and...
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    Tell we what you see , besides a lame pony

    Personally I wouldn't get on a horse displaying the behaviours shown in these videos. I agree with others, you need to hand him over for a full work up, for your own sanity if nothing else.
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    Help me with a name for Bobbie

    Bobbie suede shoes? Bobbie-cobbie-blue-dah?
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    Horse shopping - help needed

    Hampshire may be just about within distance?
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    Bedlington terriers.......

    Oh he's gorgeous Bosworth 😍 A Beddy and a Scottie are next on my list of terriers I would like to have (hopefully not for a while yet though - two terriers at a time is plenty!) Does this mean you're considering one Lev??!! 😁
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    Weekend plans :)

    Yikes blodwyn :( sending healing vibes your way. Well my weekend has started with an emergency vet callout this evening because the big idiot had the start of cellulitis when I pulled him out of his stable this evening, poor boy. He's covered in fly bites just above the bad leg so vet is...
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    Horse shopping - help needed
  25. DabDab

    Why do some horses not get fat?

    My skinny minnie eats a fair amount, but she always stops when she's full and she is always on the go in the field. She also properly trickle feeds, as opposed to stuffing her face and then standing around without eating for a bit. I'm always amazed though at how much energy a native can have...
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    Nearly taken out by a car whilst hacking on the road.

    Not a driving instructor (i don't think), but my favourite bizarre driver moment recently was a man in a pristine white Audi who came up behind me and little mare as we were heading up a short single track stretch of hill that is really too narrow to fit a car and horse alongside each other. I...
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    Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning: how to name a cat

    😂 imagine what kind of weirdness you'd get if you plugged racehorse names into those algorithms!
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    Following on from nightmare start to BE season...

    Then I think that's even more unfair, and I would wonder why you wish to still participate in this community...? I absolutely agree with you that the OP should not be judged harshly based on this situation or advert, because it is not known to any of us on here what the true situation is. And I...
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    Following on from nightmare start to BE season...

    I don't think that's really fair. TP is being quite direct but I think it's a bit of a leap to say that her motivation is to stick the knife in.
  30. DabDab

    Anxious horse

    Maybe don't tie him up to tack up? I never tie up to tack up, as I like to train mine to just switch off when they're tied up so don't do anything constructive with them while they're tied. I also don't tend to tack up in the stable so generally I just stand them in the yard to to get ready to...