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  1. sbloom

    Saddle fitting

    If you Google for me you'll find the areas I cover :), I probably travel a bit further than you think but do have excellent colleagues covering the rest of the country. Actually without an accurate groundline, although what you say looks to be true, it's impossible to say. Sadly I get tons of...
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    Saddle fitting

    The second para after I quoted you wasn't aimed at you, I was responding to the OP's comment - " The back of the saddle lifts up off his back easily" but should have been more specific. Lift at the back is normally a dynamic thing, ie people get hold of the cantle and see how easy it is to...
  3. sbloom

    Infrared or magnetic saddle cloths. Good or gimmick?

    I would be doing intensive in hand work such as the Manolo Mendez work, or or similar, especially after abdominal surgery, I think we get on weak horses much too soon on the whole (speaking as a saddle fitter).
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    Native Pony and Cob Saddles Ltd was the former name of Andrea Hicks Saddles, you're after Native Pony Saddle Company/Saddle Exchange/Comfort Saddles.
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    Another saddle q... sorry!!

    I am casting no aspersions as it costs everyone less (apart from your time) to go to a saddle fitter at their own facilities so it can be a great idea but it means you are not covered by what were called the distance trading regulations which you would be if they came to you, or another yard...
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    Saddle fitting

    The saddle is wagging at the back, the summer coat should be strong so this is only really acceptable, and milder than that, in the early spring when the winter coat is very weak. In the unrugged photo (not sure why it didn't quote it) he clearly shows very flat spots either side of the spine...
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    Comfort endurance saddles

    Comfort Saddles are made by Saddle Exchange, you can find out more about them by searching on here or Google on their other main brand - native pony saddles.
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    If a Wintec 2000 is a perfect fit...

    Contact Weatherbeeta (I think they distribute Wintec and Bates) or a fitter who is fully trained and endorsed by them. Cair can be replaced with flocking but of course you need to include that in your budget.
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    Ever found a random picture of your horse on the internet ?

    I had this jigsaw!! I get photos from my website, FB pages, blog etc nicked regularly, in one case by WHW who didn't even reply to my email asking them not to use it without permission!
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    softening a new bridle

    The plural of anecdotes is not data.... Oz's stuff and advise is the shizney (sp?), I use and recommend only that and Sedgwicks. USE of leather is what softens it, condition it while sitting in front of the telly and work it in your hands, the warmth helps push in the conditioner too. And...
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    Saddle help - nothing fits...

    Don't worry about what a saddle does on the lunge (though I Understand it can make some horses unhappy), it's not a true test of saddle fit. The slipping to one side could indeed be asymmetry to the extent of lameness, but sometimes it's just horse or rider moves asymmetrically, do make sure...
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    Saddle fitting

    Has the horse lost a lot of weight? If not then I'd be a little concerned about the horse becoming narrower, as that means lost muscle. It CAN mean throwing up a wither, but then the tree doesn't usually become too wide, it just tips the saddle back to begin with. I would go back to the first...
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    How on earth do I buy a saddle?

    I would want to know why a bigger seat and bigger blocks were needed, some horses DO move bigger than they used to, but riders used to ride in more or less a flat seated VSD with no blocks at all, yet now we need all this support....perhaps just the basic geometry of her current saddle doesn't...
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    Adults riding exmoors

    Agreed, the saddle can often be the biggest issue. Definitely try and make sure they have plenty of space for a 16" (and even going TO the back rib can cause more issues than sticking to a really short saddle) as a 15" will be a little cramped for you and yes, if you can pick a pony with no...
  15. sbloom

    Am Nearly Giving Up on Saddles and Riding Ever Again!!

    Because if they're too narrow especially you're then trying to judge if the rails would be perfect if you widened the saddle, and vice versa if too wide. As I said, they need to be the right width to be able to assess much at all, and I'm sure no saddle fitter carries bare trees in maybe 3-4...
  16. sbloom

    Navicular Syndrome ?

    I was talking about the chipping, not the lameness, and that there was another likely cause rather than the hoof being too long. May not apply to you but wanted to add it to the conversation as it's so seldom talked about.
  17. sbloom

    Following on from my saddle fitting woes - Solution Saddles - Short Backed Horse?

    The saddle in the photo IS on the shoulder, whether that's an issue I don't know, I would have thought it would be, but it sure would be if treed. Back in the right place then if treed it would definitely be too long, with treeless it depends on the design I guess.
  18. sbloom

    Navicular Syndrome ?

    I would say actually it's more likely to be mild to more severe white line disease, especially in shod horses but can be common in barefoot horses too, hardly ever mentioned by farriers because, like mild thrush, it's often seen as perfectly normal. I have known a horse be lame on and off for...
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    Gel seat suede saddle

    They can even damage leather, proceed with caution.
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    Following on from my saddle fitting woes - Solution Saddles - Short Backed Horse?

    I think you commented about the channel being too narrow on the semiflex (it might not have been you, sorry if so!), the channel on the Solution is again very narrow, I know lots of people love them but I can't get past this and the fact the panels are so firm.
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    Am Nearly Giving Up on Saddles and Riding Ever Again!!

    Bare trees - it's so subtle that it's really hard to talk about, even for fitters we often need to see how the saddle built on the tree works. Some people swear by bare tree fittings, and some fitters do use them, but unless the tree is pretty much exactly the right width, and ideally length...
  22. sbloom

    DDFT recovery in older horse? and Farriers can be awesome farriers but sometimes they have such a different paradigm (can it go unshod? No, okay we need to put shoes on) that they don't always have the alternative viewpoint you might find you...
  23. sbloom

    Am Nearly Giving Up on Saddles and Riding Ever Again!!

    Mainly because of the huge direct market facilitated by the internet, the prices people want for their used saddles, and the small amount people want to pay for them mean that even if there was the supply offered to fitters there is often no margin to allow you to make a living. As for the one...
  24. sbloom

    Young Horse behaviour - saddle and back issue?

    Ulcers don't always have obvious signs and patterns, some owners are very surprised to find their horses have them. And defiance? Jeez, hope that vet has had a rethink. Pain or confusion, seldom anything else. Could possibly again be saddle tipping back though sounds more serious.
  25. sbloom

    Tom Beech or Ken Skinner?

    I would say that Ken is very very good and I presume is local to you as I don't think he travels beyond East Anglia, Tom would be much more expensive but also is very good, tends to work only once or twice on the horse in most cases. Depends if you want ongoing support going forwards with...
  26. sbloom

    Thorowgood Cob Saddle or Kent and Masters Cob Saddle

    It's really hard for an amateur, even two saddle fitters, to measure them in the same way, and I would suspect that the panel would be slightly different between TG and K&M anyway. And yes, they can vary but so can other models, we'e shortened our rear gussets over the last few years.
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    Help keeping shoes on!

    Including mild white line disease which is seldom mentioned by most farriers but can be real issue and cause great chunks of hoof to come away whether barefoot or shod (when losing a shoe).
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    Possibly the silliest saddle question ever

    Many western horses are carrying way too much weight, like Icelandics - just because they do doesn't mean they should. A western saddle, by its very nature, spreads the weight further (which is why they don't work for English style dressage as they are not meant for work where the horse it...
  29. sbloom

    Possibly the silliest saddle question ever

    If your horse is well muscled to carry a rider, your saddle fits as perfectly as possible, then for most people a couple of extra pounds on a saddle is probably less than the rider's weight fluctuates through the year. If you are hard up against the 20% of horses weight with a saddle then you...
  30. sbloom

    Lavinia Mitchell/Balance Saddles?

    I will only address the second point, any specialist who comes a greater distance will cost more, either in call out or in fees, I totally understand it can be very expensive, but if you spend half your day travelling it's go to be covered. I know you know that, but sometimes people can be very...