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    It is the start of the road to goodbye but that doesn't mean it's imminent. My oldie (Button) started with vestibular attacks (sort of strokes) six months after having her cruciate fixed last year. Had her first attack just before Christmas. Vet bobbed her straight onto Vivitonin, she had a...
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    Peeing on tummy fur

    Nothing useful to suggest other than maybe thinning the hair a bit then there's less of it to get wet. Willow (when she first came) was a panic wee wee-er. If you went near her head or collar she would wet herself and she has very smelly wee!! She's getting better now, so not requiring as...
  3. deb_l222

    Name two useful things ...........

    I’ve taught “don’t you come near me with that skanky mouth” or “uuuuurrrgghhh what have you got now, go away you dirty dawg”. Ooh I have taught them something!!
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    Name two useful things ...........

    I don’t believe I have ever successfully taught my dogs anything useful :p They know a shed load of bad stuff.
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    Don't panic

    Don't panic
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    Breed popularity:is it regional?

    Button’s had a daft half hour tonight, charging round the 60 acre field (I’ve no idea if it measures 60 acres but it can’t be far off). She made my toes curl as she hurtled down the hill. I’m shouting ‘steady’ as I’m waiting for something to go crack or for her to go a**e over elbow. She...
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    Breed popularity:is it regional?

    Everything is a spaniel of some description round here. It’s very rare to see sticky up ears!! Mainly springers and cockers (working and show). Few labs, few huskies lately. Never see a staffy but there’s a chap with two English bull’s and they’re fantastic dogs. Don’t see many ‘poo’ or...
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    Kong toys

    Tinned chappie. Good luck with the crate rest. My daft thing has been on crate rest for 4 weeks now and we're both going insane. Best thing I bought was a food ball and I measure out her food allowance every morning but then put it in the food ball (in the crate). She's loved chasing it...
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    Pretend itchy leg when hacking

    This....... Animals aren’t that devious, he’s just working on instinct. One of my dogs licks his front legs when his anal glands hurt. They’re miles apart relatively speaking, he’s just using another part of his body to displace the discomfort. Try and work out why he’s itching or just let...
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    He has arrived!!!!

    Aww he looks totally settled already bless him. He’s obviously a ladies man :p
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    Suicidal squirrels

    Ooh Rufus would retrieve dead squirrels for you ALL day. Isn't it funny, I've seen loads of the blighters tonight since I've seen this thread :)
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    Suicidal squirrels

    Only time one of mine took on a squirrel and he came off a lot worse than the rodent. Poor dog had the furry thing clung to his face like something out of 'Alien' :) Covered in very deep scratches afterwards but it didn't put him off chasing them. Must admit I spied on sat in a car park a...
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    Rescue organisations not checking

    People lie to get what they want, it’s a sad fact of life. When it comes to dog rescue, when prospective owners are looking at dogs, they may promise to walk the dogs twice a day with a trot round the block at night. The reality is, they plan to do nothing of the sort but what can you do...
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    From adorable little pup to the abominable border collie

    I've had bother uploading direct from my PC or phone (too big for server to handle error) so reverted back to Imgur again and everything has been fine.
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    Degenerative Nerve Condition in Back

    I've nothing useful to add about the condition as I've no personal experience but I just wanted to say you must be doing something right to get a Dane to 10 years old so I would suggest just keep on doing what you're doing and you will know when the time is right to let her go. I have two of...
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    Walking dogs at different life stages and balancing weight/muscle

    I have a 14 year old, 11 year old and a 15 month old and it can be a bit tricky. At the moment though, the 15 month old is on crate rest and is confined to the house following knee surgery so it's a bit easier. When she was walking however, our walk length and speed were dictated by the 14...
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    FYI. Study shows tramadol....

    I’ve got Willow on Tramadol at the moment following her knee surgery and she’s still as bonkers as ever but when Rufus had it for his back, he was like a spaced out zombie. You could have set a rocket off under him and he wouldn’t have noticed. I believe it has differing effects in people...
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    First world dog ownership question.... name!!!!

    Or Dyson? Apologies if this has already been suggested, my brain is too tired to read through the entire thread tonight 💤 Must admit I’ve never changed a name, hence why I once had two Bonnie’s living under the same roof and I currently have a ‘Button’ which is a very ridiculous name to shout...
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    Choosing an adult dog....

    Yay!!! It’s going to be a long two weeks though 😃
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    Clydesdale/ Clyde cross owners and feet

    For what it’s worth my Clydesdale had fantastic feet but sadly it was one foot that killed him as he had a double keratoma that never healed despite surgeries. At the end of the day, quality of foot comes from quality of nutrition and external conditions and not necessarily breeding. A lot...
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    Choosing an adult dog....

    Yep, this 😂 Pick the one that’s least phased by lots of ladies!! Most of my woofs have arrived here due to them being too ‘orrible to go to normal folk but if I had a choice I would pick the dog that my existing ones liked the best or showed little interest in.
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    Setting up a dog boarding business?

    If it’s your uncle that lives on site then he will be the only one that can hold the licence from the council not yourself. Kennel licensing is very strict and owners have to be on site at all times, or have a designated person living there in the event of holidays, illness etc. Kennels are...
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    BD Draught Horse Champs

    Absolutely fantastic, you can’t beat a Clydesdale, they can turn a hoof to anything, even dancing 🕺😃 Well done, you must be very proud and rightly so
  24. deb_l222

    A horrible, horrible week... my best boy has gone.....

    Awww bless his heart, and yours. Take comfort that he had a happy and healthy life with you. Big hugs and take care of yourself
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    Nah, it’s not added it as a video 😂
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    Jumping on your post but just wondering if it’s easy to do videos. I’m still using imgur but I think you can now just attach direct from whichever device you’re accessing the forum from.
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    If I had a hammer...........

    Faffing with pics and the new forum but I bet the song is now stuck in your head like an ear worm 🐛 😳
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    Clodagh - your replacement maybe?

    Cockers are definitely more vocal than springers..................I've heard them scream a few times. I've never had a screaming springer though :D Only ones I've had that have really barked much have been the deaf ones bizarrely. Sadly Bruce is typical of your average surrendered...
  29. deb_l222

    Clodagh - your replacement maybe?

    Ha ha ha..................think I just read cat! I'll still have a nosey at him this afternoon and report back.
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    Clodagh - your replacement maybe?

    I must admit my new girl is testing me like I?ve never been tested before or maybe I?ve just got lazy with the other two the last few years. At least she behaves like a dog now and not some vacant zombie. The lights were on but not a lot else going on when she first came home. Did start to...