1. A

    Am i too heavy? Be brutally honest

    After cancelling viewing for the last horse i've found another that may suit. I was originally looking for a TBx however i have found a lovely looking 5yo TB gelding very light build, for sale. Only issue is he is only 15.2, i'd guess that means he will weigh no more than 500kg(rubbish with...
  2. A

    First viewing - what to expect?

    Had a few horses over the years but never actually bought one, they have all been freebies, or full loans. What can i expect at a viewing, am i just going to meet the horse and see her be trotted up ect. For reference its a 2yo im going to see so obviously wont be ridden. Should i take money to...
  3. E

    Should I loan??

    thanks all:)
  4. H

    Have I budgeted enough for my own horse?

    Hi I’m 18 and I’m currently loaning a horse but I’m looking into getting my own in around a years time (give or take a few months). I work full time and pay for my loan, riders insurance and lessons myself however I still live at home which obviously doesn’t cost me as much as living in my own...
  5. W

    Looking for 510 trailer!

    Hi All, Os anyone selling a 510 trailer or knows of any sites that advertise? Any dealers in Worcestershire area? Good budget for seven trailer. Thanks
  6. F

    Opinions on Thoroughbreds?

    I’m just looking at what’s on the market and seeing a lot of people posting no TBs when trying to find a horse? Am I being stupid and missing something that some people aren’t? I was looking at a TB but seeing all these ads specifically saying no TBs is making me second guess myself? What’s your...
  7. ktj1891

    Should I buy her?

    I will try and keep this as short and clear as I can. My pony was on breeding loan a few years back and she had a filly. Said filly is now 4 and with another owner who wants to sell. Said filly had lameness issues last year. First visit in Jan 18 was apparently bruising so had a week box rest...