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    In hand showing

    What classes can I show my Welsh section C 3 year old gelding in? And how should I turn him out? He is not registered & no breed/recorded breeding in his passport. His previous owner purchased him as a Welsh C part bred colt, no knowledge of dam or sire. He looks like a full Welsh, others have...
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    Studding on hard ground

    I have just got stud holes put in my horses shoes, first time ever using studs so I have a starter kit etc with everything I will need ! Now I’m going to two shows this weekend, one showjumping (on grass) and then on the Sunday cross country, there has been no rain in Scotland this week so the...
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    Stock? Tie? Competition help!

    Hi all I haven’t competed before, but I’m hoping to do some unaffiliated showjumping and dressage later this year. I know they don’t care as much as affiliated shows, I’d just like to look the part. I’ve got all the gear, I just need some help about ties vs stocks and when to use them. I...
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    Back cooler for horses?

    Hi all! My horse is a black irish cob tank, and he always overheats so much across his back when we're out competing and he's tied to the horsebox without tack on. We normally put a cooler rug over his back to stop this, but when its really hot I always feel bad because its an extra layer and...