1. SilverLy

    Please!!! Any Laminitis rehab tips/recommendations/help/support please!!!

    Hiya, I’m really sorry to ask for advice that’s been asked a million times, and I’m sorry for the long post, so anyone willing to read the whole thing - thank you thank you thank you!!! My 22yr old Welsh 12.2 pony with Cushings (who I’ve owned since we were both 6) has been on loan for the past...
  2. texel

    D&H Cushcare supplement no longer available

    I am devastated today I tried to order a couple of tubs of the Cush care supplement and it is no longer available. this was a brilliant low calorie supplement for my mare she is so well on it. Now what do I do? I called D&H and they suggested the Cushcare food, but that is high calorie and...