1. S

    Female barefoot trimmer/farrier NW England?

    Looking for reccomendations for a female farrier or trimmer in and around Cheshire. Need a female as my horse is scared of males and being let down by current farrier. Any reccomendations?
  2. W

    Lame because of toe clip

    I have had the same farrier for 6 years without problem until recently. Pony has been lame for 3 weeks, (farrier came 4 weeks ago). Vet identified after lameness examination it was the toe clip embedded in the hood causing the problem. pony now has secondary injury as a result (swelling in...
  3. kc100

    Cost of remedial shoes - front toe clips & heart bars for hinds

    Just wanted to get some ideas of how much to expect to pay for remedial shoes for my boy - we're West Mids if that makes a difference, he needs toe clips on the fronts and heart bars on the hinds. Farrier is due to fit them for the first time next week or early week after but wanted to prepare...