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    Traditionalists please - feeding straights

    Hello all, With feed companies putting their prices up like its going out of fashion, Im intrigued about feeding straights. Neddies are 3 tbs that will hunt weekly in winter on ad lib good quality hay. They work hard and do need conditioning feeds, but not something that will blow their lids...
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    Pink Mash for weight gain?

    My mare is a 16hh sports horse x Irish draught and is as bad a doer as they come. Lost so much weight over winter has had teeth done bloods checked been wormed and been on sugar beet but won’t pick up weight at a decent speed. Recently got a recommendation of pink mash so decided to try it...
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    Thunderbrook, are they reliable?

    Hello, I currently feed Thunderbrook healthy herbal muesli and my horse loves it, however, I have seen an older thread about Thunderbrook being unreliable (changing best before dates, changing ingredients?!) I was wondering if I should change to a different company , maybe agrobs? Is it safe to...
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    Laminitics and overweight horse owners!

    Hi, I have two native ponies. Both on a diet. My Cob is laminitic and my Shetland is an extreme good doer(swear they can live on air!). Both have been put on a diet as they put weight on when we moved yards. They are stabled during the day and out at night. Recently I’ve been starting to soak...
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    What should I feed my 4 year old?

    Hi everyone! I have had my 4 year old about a month now. She turned 4 in May. The home I bought her from just had her on grass and hay and she is on the more rounded side (but I wouldn't call her fat) she clearly doesn’t have an issue keeping weight on. I’ve noticed that she has very low...