1. H

    How much hay ???

    How much hay should I be feeding my 14.2 Welsh sec D in winter ? He gets around 5kg in the morning and 5 at night (if he is in all day) if he has the morning in the field he will get around 8kg a day. On days that I will be slightly later down he will get 6kg at night. However the net is always...
  2. xxKatxx

    Haynet alternatives

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestions on alternative ways to feed hay for a greedy laminitic cob who can no longer have hay nets due to repeated eye injuries as her eye sight isn't great now since she's an older lady. The obvious solution is to feed her from the floor, which is fine in the summer but...
  3. R

    Feeding from the floor

    Hi all, I’m looking for ideas for feeding my horse from the ground. I refuse to use nets for the damage they cause to muscles and teeth. He’s also very short necked therefore a haybar doesn’t work for him ??‍♀️, I’ve tried just putting the hay on the ground but he just wastes it dragging it...
  4. MarvelVillis

    Thinking about switching to haylage

    I currently feed my 2 year old WB x TB ad lib hay when he’s in overnight. I was primarily thinking about switching him to haylage because I’m allergic to hay (have seen on another forum that switching to haylage helps), but after doing a bit of reading up of it online (I’ve never fed...
  5. N

    Haylage/Wrapped Hay/Round Hay suppliers in Guildford area

    Hello I’ve been let down by quite a few people regarding winter forage supplies for this year so is anyone able to give me any recommendations?? Am based near Guildford, Surrey but can possibly pick up 1/2 large bales at a time I’ve contacted a few of the larger companies but the minimum...