1. I

    Hayalge Supplier near Stamford Bridge

    Hi Guys Were based on the outskirts of Stamford bridge and in need of a haylage supplier. only have one horse so big baes go off too quickly, but Bales like horseage and Equilage just are not cost effective. Mare has to be on haylage as she coughs on hay - minor dust allergy. Any help would...
  2. E

    Haylage Query.

    I’m sorry if this possibly turns into a rant. I have had a bale dropped off, I opened it and having inspected it as normal and found this: It is meant to be haylege but it is very dry and doesn’t have that classic ‘haylagey’ smell. There are also other patches of white around the rest of the...
  3. MarvelVillis

    Thinking about switching to haylage

    I currently feed my 2 year old WB x TB ad lib hay when he’s in overnight. I was primarily thinking about switching him to haylage because I’m allergic to hay (have seen on another forum that switching to haylage helps), but after doing a bit of reading up of it online (I’ve never fed...
  4. N

    Haylage/Wrapped Hay/Round Hay suppliers in Guildford area

    Hello I’ve been let down by quite a few people regarding winter forage supplies for this year so is anyone able to give me any recommendations?? Am based near Guildford, Surrey but can possibly pick up 1/2 large bales at a time I’ve contacted a few of the larger companies but the minimum...