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    Stopping snow in shoes

    Hi, I have a gelding who needs to be shoed all year round due to having bad feet but come winter time snow building up in his hooves is a nightmare. Can anyone suggest anything that is cheap enough but effective? The rest of my horses don’t seem to struggle as much. I’ve read of using old socks...
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    Feeding from the floor

    Hi all, I’m looking for ideas for feeding my horse from the ground. I refuse to use nets for the damage they cause to muscles and teeth. He’s also very short necked therefore a haybar doesn’t work for him ??‍♀️, I’ve tried just putting the hay on the ground but he just wastes it dragging it...
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    How much is a 'sensible offer' and when does it become unreasonable?

    Hi, So I have totally fallen in love with a horse (I'm looking to buy at the moment), but he is quite out of my budget - the horse itself is £4000 but then an extra £900 for transport (coming from Spain, which is what I've always wanted) so he would be £4900 in total, but my budget was more...
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    Best supplements to focus mares in season?

    My (relatively new) mare who normally LOVES to jump has started randomly refusing jumps when in season. It started a few months ago when she refused for the first time and since then she’s refused a handful of times only ever when she’s in season. Now that she’s out competing regularly...