1. B

    Tendon Sheath Swelling?

    Hi all, So about 3 weeks ago my horse injured himself in the field and the whole leg was swollen but he was not lame, just stiff, after a few days all the swelling went but a small bit remained, the vet said it was slight tendon sheath swelling and wasn’t too concerned as he was sound when...
  2. Lucy-S

    Separation anxiety HELP

    Hi all, currently trying to manage my horse’s anxiety when it’s coming in time. I am on a DIY yard (no option of moving) and so people bring their horses in whenever they like. For some reason recently people have decided to start bringing in between lunch and 3pm. I have teamed up with another...
  3. Lucy-S

    Insurance HELP

    Hoping someone can shed some light or share any experience they've personally had! Claimed on my insurance back in January for my horses interspinous ligament injury. Was put on the equinosis gait analysis and deemed nothing else to worry about as we think she just slipped and fell whilst she...
  4. P

    Upper forearm or shoulder injury

    Any thoughts or insights welcome, or any related experiences: Here was my original post: For past 3 weeks - 20+ year old horse has dragged right front toe (only noticeable in the arena), at walk and trot, hesitant to pick up right lead canter. At start of 3 weeks, noticed the toe dragging...