irish draught

  1. MickeyFinn22

    Quarter marking help!

    I am very new to showing, but I have had a go with my ID x gelding. I was looking at ways to enhance and highlight his appearance further- but I wondered, is it correct to do quarter marks for a draft type in in-hand showing? He will be doing veteran, part-bred and possibly cob-type (we cant do...
  2. E

    Rugs for IrishDraughts

    I’m looking for recommendations for rugs for my Irish Draught! We’ve tried Premier Equine- too small in the neck, Weatherbeeta- too short and are now looking at shores ect but are there any bands that I’m not thinking of? He’s only 6’9, has a big neck and bum, and normal sized shoulder. I’m in...
  3. A

    Can you read whorls?

    Good evening- I have always wondered what the whorls on my horse’s face may or may not mean- does anyone have the ability to read them, and do you believe in their accuracy.