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    How to attach traces to a single tree EZ Entry horse cart?

    Hey all! So, I have driven a fair bit in my past with my hackney mare, but am just now getting back into it again about 4 years later. Funny how little things can escape ones memory in such a short time! Anyway... I bought a cart for my horse, and am unsure how to use the single tree with the...
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    Why do we ride ?

    As equestrian's what makes us want to ride. Does it make us happy?. Does it give us a sense of purpose in life to get up and look after this big animal? Does it keep our mental health / wellbeing at bay?. By keeping out mind active as they will not look after them self`s?. Or Is it because...
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    Stirrup help!

    I have knee pain when I ride, I’m only 21. I used to use metal stirrups but switched to lighter compositi stirrups which made a slight difference but I still suffer. Anyone got a pair of stirrups that help with knee pain? Not wanting to spend a fortune on them. Thank you!
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    Laziest horse ever

    I’ve started at a new riding school after taking some time off riding and they are giving me the same laziest horse every week. He is so lazy even in walk and my instructor just keeps shouting at me to kick him every 2 seconds and whip him. I feel bad for the pony because I don’t want to be...
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    Dissertation ideas

    Hi everyone, I'm a 2nd year BSc Equestrian Sports Science student at Hartpury, and I'm doing my dissertation next year. I want to do my dissertation on something that the industry and horse owners actually want and can use, so what sort of thing do you guys want to know about rider psychology...