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    Non-schooling exercises

    Can anyone recommend non-schooling activities/exercises I can do with my mare? We do a lot of flatwork in the week but I am worried she is going to go stale and get bored doing the same stuff each week. Unfortunately we can not hack. Any recommendations for some fun activities to keep her keen...
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    Laziest horse ever

    I’ve started at a new riding school after taking some time off riding and they are giving me the same laziest horse every week. He is so lazy even in walk and my instructor just keeps shouting at me to kick him every 2 seconds and whip him. I feel bad for the pony because I don’t want to be...
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    Music for horses?! Helping my horse focus

    Hi all, So I have caught the dressage bug with my gorgeous ittle highland X cob. He is going better every day (we’ve been training a lot over summer as our yard was on lockdown so it was schooling or nothing!) plus my instructor is really helping me improve how effective my riding is...