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    Moved yards last year to be on full livery. Expensive for me but I made this decision so that I could ride more but also spend time with my young family. A girl bought a horse from a dealer. YO didn’t isolate and didn’t blood test. I had a bad feeling but I didn’t say anything. Two horses...
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    Inconclusive strangles test

    does anyone have experience with an inconclusive strangles test? A wee horse at my yards test (for moving) has come back inconclusive, a gluteral pouch wash has been arranged. Just wondering what to do in the meantime for leaving the yard etc, wee horse is isolating in the field.
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    **Strangles test came back “INTERMEDIATE”** advice wanted!

    Hi all, My yard has been put on lock down due to a strangles outbreak- in response to this the yard owner arranged all 40 of us to have blood samples taken on Monday evening to see if it had spread and who to. Luckily many are negative and only two positive. But my boy is one of several...