1. MickeyFinn22

    Sweet Itch…

    I was wondering how everyone else was dealing with sweet itch this year? It may just be me but it seems extra bad this time. Has anyone ever used the TurmerItch by the golden paste company? My boy is currently on the horse herbs healthy skin mix which seemed to be ok last year (paired with a...
  2. S

    Wither rubbing

    I have a draught with sweetitch and winter is killing me throughout summer we just put a bib under rugs or didn’t rug him when hot and he was grand but over winter no matter the rug with or without his withers are being rubbed he got rubbed by reins breastplate the whole lot we got fleece to...
  3. S

    Stopping rugs rubbing

    Has Anyone tried the snuggy hoods petticoat or sweetitch rug if so what’s everyone’s options my poor horse gets rubbed by eveything so I’m looking for something to go under his rugs b
  4. S

    Rug rubbing

    My draught has sweetitch and very sensitive skin mad almost all his rugs rub him. I have a anti rub bib and it’s still rubbing his waiters and now his hips to.... I was wondering is their anything I can buy for like the entire body to stop the rubbing or if u know any products I can put on the...
  5. S

    Sweetitch help (fly rugs,sensitive skin etc)

    I have a 16.1 Irish draught with sweet itch and very sensitive skin that rubs easily so while he wears rugs in the winter they rub so summer is lovely when he could go out without a rug and the rubbed spots can grown back BUT he has sweetitch and needs a fly rug/sheet so I’m desperate and need...