1. ester

    handed over my lounge again

    Hoping to get them in the outdoor hutch at some point now we have finished the grass but today was definitely not the weather for it so I have donated my lounge floor again :D We do now like the grass as well too
  2. ester

    guinea pig spam

    thankfully we haven't had a repeat of I will bash myself out of the cage (see also I will dig up all the fleece too), she is generally a little bulldozer though, always bashing stuff out of the way But some noms, some popcorns, some zoomies. Grapes are very occasional, they seem to have picked...
  3. ester

    Extreme team chasing?

    The things people used to get up to (and youtube throws up) particular highlights include, go out to sea, turn round and come back again, but the tide is coming in later. Very shakey rider post fall 'she's only winded' The horse is up and fine - horse heads towards aforementioned sea. Oh don't...
  4. HBB

    Drunk Abusive Rider At Country Park

    This is absolutely horrifying! :mad: