10 year old gelding gone stiff in hind end, won't cross over left hind, no obvious injuries

31 August 2011
Hi All - My 10 year old gelding has started going very stiff in the hind end over the last 6 weeks. I have had a chiro out, Equine TTouch, saddle and teeth check, and no one can find anything obvious. He has a slightly dipped back, but no pain along it with palpitation etc. He is weak behind so i know some specific muscle building schooling may help, but I have done this and do not seem to be getting any results. He will gladly cross his right hind over his left when turning on a tight circle, but I have to really ask him to cross his left over, and he swishes his tail with it also. He just generally seems stiff all the way along when riding. Any one have any ideas what it might be, or what i should do? I am thinking of giving him some time off, as I have had him since he was 6 months old, and hes never really had any time off over the 6 years hes been riding, and then starting some sort of top line / muscle building rehab programme maybe, with lunging and long lining etc, pole work, or should I go straight down the vet route? ps i have started using a magnetic rug, and I can visily see his hind end muscles really relax after use, and his hind legs are much easier to lift up and stretch behind him. Any info greatly appreciated. xx


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24 April 2013
Its all good getting everything checked but if you've had the physio, saddle and teeth checked then the vet should be the next port of call. Physio, equine touch and chiro can't tell you what you're like under the skin only how they feel.

It could be a number of things, hes 10 so could be the start of minor arthritis but my 10yr old cob suddenly felt bad to ride and couldn't cross his hind legs. Turned out he has severe neck arthritis. Physio felt him the week before and said he felt great?! My other gelding suddenly started feeling off behind.. he was sound at a trot up and only after ridden hard showed lame - he had done his suspensory. Could be major or minor but vet would be my next port of call.

No point spending money on rehab when you have no idea whats wrong. Is he insured? He shouldn't be weak behind though.


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17 January 2019
No point spending money on rehab when you have no idea whats wrong.
Yep agreed. It's time to bring the vet in, especially since it's come on recently. It sounds a lot like symptoms of common ailments like sore hocks or SI pain. Better off nipping these things in the bud and treating early before they start to lead onto more complicated secondary issues like kissing spine which are a bugger to fix. Hope it gets solved soon, sounds like he isn't happy about something.