1st showing class, tack and turnout help please


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15 January 2006
Colchester, Essex

I have an ex-eventer on loan and thought it would be nice to get out and about a bit. He is 20 and looks well so I plan to have a go at the ridden veteran class of some local shows. I have never showed before and am generally fairly scruffy so need lots of advice about what is correct. Any suggestions welcome! He is about 16hh chestnut mainly TB with some welsh pony in him!


I have a neue schule snaffle or a happy mouth pelham, is one better than the other? What kind of browband is ok? I have 2 possible bridles, both are dark brown but I only have a black synthetical saddle - is that massivley frowned upon?? I only have white numnahs - do I need to buy/borrow a different one? I was going to plait mane and forelock - do I need to sew them in? Is a tail trimmed to look pulled ok (it is currently at the loo brush stage of growing out!)?


My riding boots have holes in so I need some new ones anyway. Shall I go long/short with gaiters? Brown or black? My current cream jods have a small hole in so guess I had better get another pair of them too! I have a tweed hacking jacket and a (horribly clunky but safe) skull cap with brown velvet cover. I normally wear a white shirt and green tie but could borrow a shirt and stock if that is more correct?

I'm not a natural showing type but want to do him justice and give us a chance of doing as well as possible! Thanks for any help...

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9 July 2011
At a guess he would be a riding horse type, so ideally a pelham with 2 reins, not roundings a snaffle will do if you are happier in that, a velvet browband and plain cavesson noseband, the saddle is not ideal but will do for local level, I would either use no numnah or get a brown/ black one which would be more discrete.
Mane plaited sewn in if you can they will look much better than bands, tail trimmed to looked neat as if it is pulled will be ok, make sure the end is neat and not too long, also trim any hairy bits on his heels, under the jaw and tufts that stick out of ears.

You in tweed, shirt and tie not a stock, black long boots or gaiters, a navy hat cover would look smarter than brown, brown gloves and a cane, hair in a net to keep it tidy.