3.5t Horse Lorry, Needle in a hay stack!?


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30 April 2008
I sold my 25 year old Theault in September last year for £3,750. It was passed clean by a very thorough independent inspector. It took me months to sell as apparently it was a lot of money for an old box. If I had the choice of travelling my horse in a brand new flimsy job vs the ancient Theault, I know which I would choose! I also learned my lesson about thinking I would sell it for free via FB, the enquiries were just farcical. Basically I'm saying the boxes are out there, but they are very rare and you really need to educate yourself in the builders you are interested in and just keep scouring the ads. Think it went via an ad on Horsemart eventually, but I had it on Horsequest and Horsedates as well, once I had given up on FB!